Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Game! ( ゚∀゚)

Arc System's Seisou no Amazoness!
I've had a level of interest in the game since it came out, but I never really got to buying it. But now that it's been 3+ years since its release, I've been waiting for a discount to buy it. And up until now, surprisingly, it hadn't.
But recently, Arc System put up a sale that included Seisou no Amazoness! Over 50% off! Putting aside exact money conversion, it's like buying a $50 game at $20! Of course I would buy it. Best chance yet.
BTW, I think there is still a couple days before the sale ends, so buy it cheap while you can. Of course, JP 3DS only. I don't even think this game has been localized anywhere else.

And yeah, I don't actually have time to play it right now.
Currently Playing: Monster Hunter XX, Fire Emblem Echoes
To Play: Fire Emblem Thracia, Monster Hunter Stories, Seisou no Amazoness, Mercenary Saga 2

As you can see, the list is... quite long....

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