Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-18 Conflated Selector

Two boxes + Ulith/Guzuko Starter
There were not really that many cards I particularly wanted this time around. I guess Satorina (Dona deck) and Motsuna (Mel deck), Golden Defense were the ones I were looking for.

Oh, and I loved the baseball card designs, so as many kinds of those as possible.
(And yeah, you can actually use these cards in battles, entertainingly)

 And the results...

I had a bad feeling about it, but I kinda bombed as far as Secret and LR go. I didn't really even want this card for the SR slot, but I got it in the Secret slot. TWICE!
And on top of that, I got the Resona LR. Figures. Like the artwork though, yes.
Thankfully, one of my LR was Ulith, so I didn't go away with nothing.

On the other hand, the SRs were quite pleasing.
I got two copies of Satorina (not sure how many I would want for the deck, anyways, since she does not have a Layer ability) and one copy of Motsuna.
I don't have a Myuu deck, but I did want the SR Lv5 Signi just for its design.

Seriously, ever since the last card set, some unknown force is trying to get me to make a Carnival deck...

And while I had a fairly bad experience with the Secret cards, I did get a Parallel box, where every booster pack had a Shiny.
Two Servants, Toki, 6 baseball cards, Myuu, Piruluk, Tawil... Not bad at all. Myuu Lv3 is especially pretty in her Parallel version, with her hair accessories shining.

Oh, and the Parallels for the other box were:
Man, Tama's card is so... rare-ishy, I was worried for a moment that that was the Secret card. (Turns out the Secret was even worse though!)

 And all in all the baseball cards I collected:

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