Sunday, April 2, 2017

Monster Hunter XX: G-Rank new moves

Mainly notes for myself on the new moves monsters use in G-Rank. And for my convenience, I will be using the Japanese names, as I am playing the JP version and am not used to the English names.
(Updating as I encounter and realize the G-rank changes)

EDIT1: Added other G2 Monsters + G3 Monsters
EDIT2: Added other G3 + G4 + Named
EDIT3: Added Named Tetsucabra

Dos-fango : Long charge-up followed by an even longer multi-tackle?
Dos-Gianos, Dos-Ranbos, Dos-Genebos, Dos-Ios: Pounce move used without multi-sidestep
Dos-Makkao: ?
Aoashira: Uses the five-swipe move from the Named version
Tetsucabra: +1 to combos, side-step body slam attack range increases
Iyankukku: Throws shield bugs, charges without wind-up
Dos-Gareos: Knock off feet -> pop-up attack no longer certain?
Geryos: Click * 2 instead of Click * 3 before light burst, sometimes throws poison upwards which comes down after a short wait
Kechawacha: Glide attack homes in better

Rioleia: Tackle -> Somersault, Bite -> Tail Swing
Boroboros: Better homing on tackle? Dirt flies off after tackle
Rangrotora: Swings tongue upwards
Shogun Sazami: Clicks claws and then pounces on enemy
Dodoburango: Charges a bit and slams the ground, causing tremor. If Hunter is caught in tremor, follows up with another attack, usually a new motion where he jumps up and body slams target. Sometimes follows up with a punch?
Zabozagiru: Long charge followed by a Spinning+Ice Breath attack
Habakonga: Less wind-up for ground pound
Naruga: Pounce -> Finish becomes Pounce -> Pounce - Finish?, sometimes Tail Spins twice instead of once, Tail Slam used twice in a row when in Rage
Volganos: Spits out three magma rocks
Nerslyura: Opens pincers and charges at target
Kirin: Lifts body and headbutts, extra thunderbolt homes in on Hunter after dropping thunder around self
Hororo Horuru: Slams left wing
Garara Ajara: Releases sound scales while moving?
Basalmos: After a different charging motion, charges and falls on his side to body press target (charge and body press both hit separately?); Walks while releasing flames
Iyan Garuruga: Sometimes will follow up first somersault with second one; charge -> tail spin added?

Lagiakrus: Charges energy in mouth before slamming head into ground (in rage, charges stronger energy)
Zinogre: Releases thunder balls upon certain moves
Goa Magara: Ball-shaped breath homes in stronger on target
Genel Seltas: Holds his breath attack in his mouth, moving slightly while turning towards target, before suddenly shooting it out
Gravimos: Shoots flame bullets out while walking
Berioros: ? (Cannot remember clearly, but something was clearly new)
Uragankin: Roll -> Strong Jaw Slam (done by Named version in High Rank); Charges gas -> Roll -> Release Gas?
Tamamitsune: Combo variations (bubble -> bubble -> laundry spin combo will sometimes stop at second bubble and follow up into a different attack); raises body and slams claws down x 2
Raizeks: Sticks tail into the ground, releasing a burst of energy that sends anyone hit flying strongly. The tail will paralyze.
Dinobard: Tail slam motion changed. Instead of jumping, he just slams it down. Sometimes will charge before slamming it down, doing more damage and harder to guard.
Gamut: Sometimes will slam down with his butt instead of front body

Balfolk: After shooting energy downwards, follows up with shooting energy forward; spin attack with wings (used in combo with wing attacks)
Serlegios: Releases spikes during certain attacks; while flying, descends downwards while kicking?
Eviljho: Ends some attacks prematurely by cancelling into ground stomp; shoots Breath vertically sometimes
Enraged Eviljho: Shoots Breath vertically sometimes
Rajang: Some attack patterns are added (sidestep -> spin punch -> beam, for example); aerial attack homes in better and hits twice normally, thrice in Rage
Enraged Rajang: Dash grab; attack patterns added; aerial attack homes in better and hits thrice
Tigrex: Homing for tackles greatly increased
Brachidios: Cancels tail spin into vertical ground explosion; uses ground explosion twice in a row
Dobolberk: Combos tail attack into horn charge
Ahunacotol: Multi-ground peck now slightly homes in on target instead of just going straight
Shagaru Magara: Ground pound causes tremors; certain attacks spawn energy mines
Rioleia, Rioleus Rare: Same changes as normal version
Kushara Daora: Giant tornadoes move; mini-tornadoes zig-zag
Oonazuchi: Sprays blasts of gas (same as 4G's)
Ukamrubas: Combos jump body press into ground dig + ice boulder throw
Akamtorm: Raises his body and shoots breath downwards
Amatsu Magatsuchi: Combos... something into tail slap
Ostgoroa: Starts out in awakened mode; cannot be killed until he shoots his giant laser once

Dinobard: Same as normal version; charged tail slam causes giant burst of flames though
Aoashira: Runs in a circle before doing a powerful swipe
Iyan Garuruga: Backsteps; charged tackle used twice in a row before he intimidates
Naruga: Outside of same changes as original, he will sometimes swipe his tail twice to cause a large sonic boom
Rioleia: Breaths in, causing wind, bites, and causes an explosion
Rioleus: Three-way breath creates magma rocks that emit heat and then explode; his original magma rock breath now creates a large magma rock that covers a massive range
Daimyou Sazami: Winds up and swings both claws together in one direction
Tigrex: Charges, slams ground, and causes a massive shockwave vertically; while blinded, now acts differently?
Zinogre: Additional combos?
Uragankin: Charges a bit and rolls, spitting out huge explosive rocks
Urkususu: Drop kick
Tetsucabra: Raises his body as he usually does when he is about to shatter the rock, but instead, he falls backwards and slams anyone behind him instead of the front

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