Monday, March 27, 2017

Pokemon Moon: 6th, 7th Shinies

And FINALLY, I have bred at least one of every new Pokemon. Of course, if there are different available movesets, then I bred more than one of a Pokemon. For instance, I raised two Gumshoos. One for Strong Jaw and one for Stakeout. Five Kommo-os, special attacker, Dragon Dance x 2 (different Speed EVs), Belly Drum, Reversal.
I try to do that for every Pokemon and have done that for every Pokemon up until now.

And upon reaching this point, I encountered two more Shinies!

And I think that posting more than one images makes the post too big without a "Read More" bar, so I'll put this one under it.

One is Salandit, which appeared while I was breeding for a Hidden Power Ground female Salandit.
Not only is it Shiny, but it is female!
ON TOP OF THAT, it had Hidden Power Ground!
It's perfect. I always wanted a Shiny Salazzle, so it was a considerably pleasant surprise. Of course, the IVs were not perfect (I had to Hyper Train two stats), but you can't really ask for any more.

And the other is a Shiny Tentacool.
I was Surfing to the fishing hole to catch a Hidden Ability Mareanie when it appeared.
Thankfully, it had a Timid nature, which is quite workable.
I actually already had a Shiny Tentacruel, but that one had a bad nature (Lax), so this one is far more usable.
Of course, I needed to Hyper Train all of its stats (except ATK).

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