Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Culdcept 3DS - Aether Flash

The newest download card has arrived, Aether Flash!
This card is a Multi-Curse card, 50G.
It casts a Curse on all players, which causes the cost of all creatures to be 90G. At the same time, Discard and Territory Requirements are ignored. This lasts 6 turns, but 7 counting the turn you use it.

For some reason, this card was announced about 4 or 5 days ago. But then it was taken off until yesterday.
For some reason, this card actually APPEARED in the Random Book Jyakyou (Gimley's book), before this card was downloadable
 Thoughts and Comments below:

Guess what...? I ALREADY got 4 copies! I was able to get a "Spells with Curse effects" sale from Amelia and traded over and over again until I got 4.
And I made a Book revolving around it. And went on WiFi Ranking! And was able to win! I did two games, but in the first one, one player gave up and jumped into the other player's lv4 territory, making it impossible for me to take 1st, so I ended up 2nd. I was able to win the second game, though one player turned into CPU and used their cards in CPU-ish ways.
Either way, I won, and I bet I'm the first Cepter in the world to win a Rankings match with Aether Flash as the concept?! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ


Anyways, without posting my Book, some thoughts on this card...
Creatures can be summoned regardless of Territory Costs and Discard and their Cost is 90G.
This effects all players, so if you make a Book around this card, not only will it allow you to summon easily, but at the same time, it can disrupt other players. Creatures like Jackalope and Kodama become 90G and in general, cheap creatures used to place all over the map become dang expensive.

Creatures that gain an absolute advantage (Cost, other Summon Costs) from this card are:
Four Lords (Belze, Flame Lord, Dark Master, Dagon) - You can summon all you want for 90G. You can ignore the harsh territory restrictions and discard cost. However, putting too many of these in your book and summoning them too quickly is dangerous, as the payment of 100G is painful at the beginning. It does not matter so much later on though.

Dragon - Powerful stats, with 60MHP, 40ST, and Attack First. Yet you don't see it often in WiFi... Why? Because it is expensive. It shatters from Ray of Law and requires two Fire territories. You're better off using Conjurer and Ba=al. But with Aether Flash, you can summon him from the start, which is very nice. You also save a bit of G, since his original cost is 100G.

Ares - With Aether Flash, you can summon him right away and get the invading started early. On top of that, Aether + Ares allows offensive books other than Fire to summon him easily.

S. Giant/Grendel/Hydra/Behemoth/Leviathan
F. Giant/General Guan
Above creatures all are able to be summoned immediately. Creatures so expensive with a Territory Cost are like that for a reason. Because they are strong! And the ability to summon them right away is a powerful thing.
General Guan especially is useful, but he isn't that strong if you summon him right away. However, many creatures that work well with Aether Flash boost his stats, so his ability does synchronize with the spell.


Other creatures:

Banshee - The reason this creature is not used is because despite it's ability to destroy other creatures, it requires two Water territories before you can summon it. There are very few Water creatures that work well with Banshee's ability. On top of that, Banshee's ability requires many uses to fully destroy creatures.
But with this spell, you can summon Banshee without Water territories. You can summon as many as you have in your hand too!

Colossus - A little bit cheaper. Colossus comes in handy as you can summon it without Aether Flash too. Comes in handy when you can't draw Aether Flash, as you can still get territories you need to normally summon other creatures.

Migoal - While he becomes more expensive, you can summon him without discarding. Like Colossus, you can summon him normally, and with 40MHP and a very useful ability set, he can do a good job of holding territories and invading.

Tengu/Garuda - A bit more "metagame", but these two could be useful as a counter of sorts if one of your opponents is using a Wind book.

Vodyanoi - While he does become more expensive, the increase isn't much and you get to summon him immediately, without discarding. Needless to say, this creature's defensive abilities are great.

Gooba Queen - While she becomes much more expensive, you get to summon her immediately, which is very useful. Normally, by the time you can summon her, empty territories would be partially filled up, so by using Aether Flash, you can get your Goobas all over the map in territories you like much earlier.


Combo Cards:
Scourge - Oh poor card. Thanks to the way movement spells work in the 3DS version, it became very hard to hit players with this card now. On top of that, you have to discard a card now! Sure, the percentage increased by 10%, but it is far harder to use now.
But Aether Flash finally gives Scourge a chance. On the last turn of Aether Flash, the curse will wear off of you first, leaving every other Cepter with the curse still on. Meaning if you use Scourge on that last turn, you can hit all other players while staying safe yourself!


So this card can have interesting uses, but what are the disadvantages...?
-If you make your book full of heavy creatures and rely on Aether Flash, you could be stuck not getting any territories early on until you draw one of your 4 copies
Use Wind of Hope or Reincarnation to get that card in your hand!
-Even if you use Aether Flash, your opponent could cast a curse on you and prevent you from gaining an advantage from its effect past the first turn, which forces you to think about the above point

Why don't you just use Gold Idol or Life Force?
One thing is that Life Force doesn't ignore Territory Costs. Gold Idol doesn't ignore the G cost.
Combining two will give you a even better effect than Aether Flash, but now you require two cards. On top of that, you need to keep Gold Idol alive and Life Force prevents you from using Spells. Aether Flash can be used once and its effect lives for several turns. You don't need to protect a weak idol and you can use Spells too.

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