Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yay~ ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ New Game!

Finally got the time to post this notice...
But I finally got a new game! Well, it is true I recently got Age of Kings for the DS, but that's a different story. I did finish the Story Mode in Age of Kings, so I'll post about that once I enter break and get to use my family's iPhone (I don't have one personally).

Anyways, so the game I bought was...
*drum roll*

Rune Factory 4!
The Download version!
It was surprisingly small, only near 12000 blocks, compared to Bravely Default's 19000+. Culdcept's is a bit over 20000, by the way.
It's also nice that the recent JP Yen to US Dollar exchange ratio has improved, which makes the dealings less costly.

So I decided to buy it because the next game I have interest in is Monster Hunter 4, but it turns out that doesn't come out until Summer. So I decided to buy this. I have played Rune Factory 3 and liked it, so why not.
So far, haven't gotten too far, but in general, the system has improved. There are automatic ways to improve your field's dirt quality now, which is nice, and fertilizer and such affect an area.
Order Points and stuff have been added, but in a way, that feels a bit like just grinding and not necessarily an "improvement".
Characters aren't as insane as Rune Factory 3, but I guess I like Kohaku the most so far (illust above) and am aiming for her for right now. Reminds me of Rietta from Culdcept 3DS. Says some evil things, but doesn't have ill intention.................. Maybe?

Don't forget there will be a localization of Rune Factory 4 too!

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