Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Finally Got My New Game! ((o(´∀`)o))ワクワク

I ordered it and expected it to ship the day it came out, but I guess nowhere thought people would buy it, so they didn't have it to ship (or they shipped the little they had to others), and I ended up waiting nearly a week until they shipped yesterday. Thankfully, I used a really fast shipping and was able to get it right away!

And it is...
*drums roll*

Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Special Price!
I had an interest in Puyo Puyo, but never really played it, except the downloadable demo. And I was looking for a game to buy when I realized that there was a cheaper version of the most recent Puyo Puyo coming out the next day, so I decided to use this chance to order it!

And I've been trying it out and it is fun, but difficult. Maybe I'm just better with turn-based strategy like Culdcept and Pokemon.

Anyways, Witch is adorable.

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