Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Senran Kagura Burst Complete!

Actually finished it a few weeks back, but I finally got the chance to take some pictures, so I am doing the article now.
As for what I plan to play next... Coming up in a few days! Hopefully.

Technically, there is a spoiler of the "hidden" characters and illustration through the images, so I will hide everything below the "Read More" line, but there is no spoiler on the story at all. To be honest, if you bothered to keep track of Senran Kagura, you probably already know who the two are.

Anyways, review of game:

It definitely was an improvement from the first Senran Kagura. The addition to a mid-air attack and mid-air Hiden Ninpou was definitely a good idea. There were also changes to various characters on the Hanzou side, but it isn't necessary to go over them.
The Guren side pretty much remakes the story from the first game and it does a good job. There were plenty of things to complain about in the first story, but very little in Guren. Yomi and Ikaruga's relationship gets some closure, for instance, and the ending wasn't a complete Deux ex Machina like the first (or at least there was a reason this time). However, it doesn't follow the first game's story completely and there are big changes. Anyways, story was actually good this time.
Other than that, the difficulty of Guren is a lot higher, thanks to the introduction of various "Big" enemies that make everything so so so much tougher. The hardest mission is this...
Those freakin' giant sword robots... So hard to kill, so dangerous. And many missions in Guren give Big enemies the Kunai mark, so you have to kill them first or the enemies will endlessly spawn to replace defeated enemies.

So the Guren side is a good play. However, there isn't that much change for the Hanzou side. There definitely were changes to the gameplay and there were some "overpowered" things you can't do anymore, but the enemies are the same and there was no addition of "Big" enemies like Guren. So if you already played the first game, there isn't much to gain, except seeing the moves of all the characters (addition of a few moves, a few moves changed from first).
However, you have to play through Hanzou's side and get EVERYTHING in order to unlock the final illustration in the gallary of Guren. Which is:

Mm.... Well, at least I completed the game, I guess...

This isn't the type of game that requires much discussion on how the characters do in the game, but here are a few thoughts of each:
Guren Side:

The simplest character on this side to use, though her Y Ninpou is hard to use. Her X Ninpou looks kind of weird (since she spins in place), though it is strong. Other characters got the spotlight for a lot of the game, but in general, she did a good role as the main character.

All stats stronger, a killer X Ninpou, and cooler graphics. Once you unlock her, there isn't any reason to use normal Homura again. However, you can't enter Inochigake mode with Guren Homura, so do all of that with the normal Homura. For some reason, her X Ninpou slows the game down, even though it doesn't in Hanzou's side when she is the enemy. Weird.
Her Y Ninpou sucks even more.

She lost that twirl avoid move she showed as an enemy, but all of her bombs and cannons are at your command. Heavy and slow, but a stronger attacker. Her story gets a closure with Ikaruga, finally, thankfully.

Surprisingly easy character to use, with attack power that eventually becomes one of the fastest and at the same time, fast. Because it is so dangerous, you will rarely use Kyouran Mode, but you can if you want. She gets some pretty "snake?" like moves eventually, twisting her body into a right angle and through kunais in all directions or stinging like a snake. Her story is revealed too!

I'm not going to bother saying it anymore because it applies for all characters, but her story is revealed too! Her stats are the lowest of all characters, but she focuses on range with her gun umbrella and multiple hits. She also is the only character with a counter-attack. Hard to use, but not necessarily weak, even if her stats are low.
Her Ninpous have her pulling guns out of her skirt, but when you change her costume, it looks like they just emerged from thin air. Weird!

As you may expect, because her opposite is Hibari, but her moves are pretty weird and hand-to-hand. Her stats themselves are high though. Her basic moves are actually strong, even if it is weird, but her Ninpous generally suck compared to other characters.

Hidden character, but it was predictable before she revealed herself. As a hidden character, incredible stats, especially her health. Her moves are also pretty easy to use, as simple button mashing will mow down everything. Her Ninpous are also very strong, though there seems to be a glitch with her X Ninpou that occasionally makes it not work, even though it consumes your Ninpou bar. Though as expected of a hidden character, the strongest of all characters. Daidouji has better defensive stats, but Rin has higher attack and in general, moves that are easier to deal with/easier to use.

The Hanzou side more or less are the same as last game, so I won't go into them. Though her are their final stats.

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