Thursday, March 24, 2016

Megami Tensei IV: Just a small Toki image collection

Images... Well, more like screenshots of some her lines in the game. And scenes with rare sprites used. And one image? I guess.
And yeah, most of the quality of the images suck because I just use my phone to take them.
As they say, for better, real quality, buy the game yourself and enjoy it!
And yes, lots of spoilers.

Nushisama Nushisama Nushisama Nushisama

BTW, her dialogue while masked

School swimsuit Toki

Lolicon brothers

Kawaii! But I find it hard to imagine.

Make-up Toki

The veils on her clothe are actually attached to her arm

I didn't realize it the first playthrough, but she quietly laughs during this line... towards Asahi's death @delicious yandere moment?

Rare sprite

Rare sprite
When a girl looks at a pervert

Only character whose BGM changes when you talk to them

orz orz

orz orz orz

orz orz orz orz



Template line
Template line

Though after Inanna Toki, it almost feels like a Toki-only line..

Toki in Good ED

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