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Megami Tensei IV: Final - Endgame Content (East Madness)

A surprise, but other than raising your favorite demons, there is actually an endgame content to do...
Well, 4 did have certain bosses, but this continues longer.

Spoilers? On the endgame dungeon and the enemies there, I guess.

In IV Final, there is a dungeon called "Tokyo", except the kanji for "kyo" is swapped for the one that means madness. Literally, East Madness.
The dungeon itself is in the design of demon barriers you see throughout the game. So just a maze with walls of pipes and skulls, so not much to look at. However, the maze itself is randomly generated. I'm not sure when this is done, but it is randomly generated. Also, the mapping function doesn't work, but like many mazes, just following the walls left or right will get you to the next floor.
The difficulty has to been average or higher. You cannot choose Easy to do the dungeon.

The enemies that appear in normal encounters include some that cannot normally be found as an enemy. Also, they cannot be scouted and you cannot run away.

After a certain number of floors, you get to fight a Fiend. So in this game, you don't have to randomly move around hoping to fight them. You earn a fight by going through the mazes.

David appears on the 2nd floor (2 floors from start)
Matador appears 3 floors after.
White Rider appears 4 floors after.
Red Rider appears 5 floors after.
Black Rider appears 6 floors after.
Pale Rider appears 7 floors after.
Trumpeter appears 8 floors after.
Mother Harlot appears 9 floors after.

You have 10 turns to defeat them, when then, the battle ends and you are forced out of the dungeon. They keep their HP from before, so even if you can't kill them in 10 turns, you can slowly cut away at their HP each time you reach them.
You can start on the 1st floor or the checkpoint, which is right after where you killed a Fiend. However, there is only one checkpoint, the most recent. So for example, once you defeat David, you can start from the 1st floor or 3rd floor. Once you defeat Matador, you can start from the 1st floor or the 6th floor, but not the 3rd floor anymore.

Defeating the Fiends allow them to drop various items. The most important is one that you cannot even get through a grinding DLC, the affinity books... to put it simply. By using them on a demon, you can increase their affinity to an element by +1. So for instance, High Pixie has +5 for Thunder. Using the Thunder affinity book makes it +6 now.
You can only use this to increase the affinity that is already positive originally. So you can't use the Fire affinity book on a monster with no positive affinity to Fire.
Also, certain Fiends will have the Pierce abilities, which you can transfer to other demons.

Now, here's the biggest part of the endgame. There is a DLC (unfortunately, it isn't for free, but there is no story involved in this) that will unlock another layer of the dungeon.
En no Uzuno appears 10 floors after Mother Harlot.
Once you defeat him, the dungeon resets, but everything becomes stronger, from normal encounters to the bosses. That's right, you get to fight and fight the Fiends as much as you want, and they get stronger and stronger. The name also changes. It goes from Tokyo to "Tokyo 1". Each time you reach the end, it resets and gets stronger and the number increases.
The enemies in normal encounters also become stronger, even some getting Pierce on their skills.

Aside from level...
At Tokyo 4, the Fiends' battle icons increase to 5.
At Tokyo 6, the Fiends' battle icons increase to 6.
While the enemy gets stronger, they also drop more items. By Tokyo 5, the Fiends will drop a full 6 items, with 100% chance of dropping an affinity book.
Also, from Tokyo 1, the Fiends might drop their accessory when defeated. This is not 100%, by the way.

Tokyo 4 drops 5

As for levels:
Tokyo 7:
David Lv657
Matador Lv666
White Rider Lv67?
Red Rider Lv686
Black Rider: Lv696
Pale Rider Lv705
Trumpeter Lv715
Mother Harlot Lv72?
En no Ozuno Lv730

Tokyo 8:
David Lv779
Matador Lv789
White Rider Lv800
Red Rider Lv811
Black Rider: Lv822
Pale Rider Lv833
Trumpeter Lv843
Mother Harlot Lv854
En no Ozuno Lv860

Tokyo 9:
David Lv910
Matador Lv922
White Rider Lv934
Red Rider Lv946
Black Rider: Lv958
Pale Rider Lv970
Trumpeter Lv982
Mother Harlot Lv994
En no Ozuno Lv999

The levels do not change after Tokyo 9.

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