Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pokemon Moon: 2nd Shiny + A comment on PokeBank

The whole thing about PokeBank will be after the "Read More" line, since it is more or less just complaining.

So anyways, I was about to go hunt for a Hidden Ability Rockruff. I had a Synchronize Adamant Kadabra at the front of my party. But the first Pokemon to appear... was a Shiny Machop. Huh. Greed Sensors.

So yeah, thanks to Kadabra, the nature was Adamant. And as far as Sun and Moon goes, that (and maybe gender) is all you need. Because thanks to Hyper Training, it doesn't matter what the IVs are. Thanks to the Ability Capsule, the ability doesn't really matter either.
And yeah, bad IVs and Guts.
But thanks to Hyper Training and the Ability Capsule, I have a fine Pokemon on my hands.
...Too bad Machamp's Shiny color isn't exactly...

Yeah, I know Pokemon Bank was updated to accommodate Pokemon Sun, Moon, and VC Gen 1... But...
1. Gen 1 Pokemon all are forced to have their Hidden Ability. Farewell, Fissure No Guard Machamp. Farewell, Tri Attack Serene Grace Blissey. I mean, sure, you can still get a good Fissure Slowbro, but that is pretty much the only left that is worth bringing. Of course, you can get gimmicky and do stuff like Horn Drill Dragonites or Horn Drill Nidoqueen.
And yes, I know Fissure No Guard Machamp sucks, but they could have just banned it and let us destroy the Battle Tree with it.

2. Apparently, you can only use Pokemon from X, Y, ORAS from the past games in the Rating matches. Considering the existence of Move Tutors, if you want to use Pokemon with Move Tutor moves, you HAVE to HAVE ORAS, as XY does not have those move tutors.
Which frankly sucks, because the only Pokemon game I never bothered to buy was... ORAS.

Oh, and another thing that sucks about that are Pokemon that have a level of reliance on a more past game. For instance, Shiftry's Sucker Punch, a move that I find very important to him.
And of course, Counter Alakazam, Counter Gengar, Counter anything that can learn Counter, Metronome anything that needs a Move Tutor to learn Metronome. All of these beautiful movesets, all forbidden in the Ratings.

As far as I can see, there really isn't a need to forbid them.
Because they are too strong? No way. No one would accept that excuse.
Because they are too hard to get? Coming from the people that make loads of stuff and special moves limited to certain regions or time periods? Pff!

Anyways, the big question is if I should even get ORAS, since surely there will be a third version with those move tutors out, eventually. Hmm...

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