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Culdcept Journal - Book - Special Ailment Book

After busy weeks and busy playing video games, I think I can finally sit down and write a decent article other than the weekly sales of Japan.
Read More mark as it will get long, just like last time:

I thought about what book to make one day and thought up this one. I never saw anyone use this book and I felt that a proper concept existed and it was a steady book.

The main tactic of this book is to use creatures that when they attack first, they prevent the opponent from attacking. Through this and not MHP do they protect themselves from invaders. No matter how high the ST, even if it was General Guan with Tonfa, they are stopped in their tracks.

However, there is a major weakness to this book and one I am not sure can be fixed without trailing away from this book's concept.
The weakness is that the strength of this book comes from defending territories. Opponents usually won't want to invade it, because not only will they not take the territory,  but their creature might turn into stone and become useless. However, because this book relies on special ailments, there is a significant lack of ST. Therefore, it is pretty hard to invade from hand and take territory, except through the instant death combo of Battering Ram or Nuclear Fusion.
Therefore, the main strategy of this book is to as quickly as possible lay down as many creatures as possible. As long as you can lay the creature down, it will be annoying for your opponent to remove them. Then as the game moves on, you level up your territory and wait for someone to step on it, and if you have the chance, take out high level territory with Battering Ram's instant death combo or Nuclear Fusion.

Notes (for what I won't go deep into):
Nuclear Fusion - Not originally in my book, but I inserted it as a way to get around Negation. If I can't hit my target, there is no point, which makes items of Negation a pain and perfect defense against me. This is my counter to it.

Greed - In case I cannot move after Mutation, this can be a cheap way to get rid of the poison. It also allows me to draw a card. All of my main creatures are resistant to Exile, so no worry there. I actually once succeeded in Lv5 Greed @ Succubus. Was able to drain over 3000G. Didn't need that much to win though.

Mutation - Because my creatures all have low MHP, this helps to fix that problem.

Reform - To remove Negation items

Revival - In case Winged Boots or Hourglass gets Reformed (maybe should have more)

Turn to the Wall - Against Attack First enemies; it is impossible to use Creature + Battering Ram/Luna Stone if the other creature attacks first and kills, so I use this to turn them into walls before doing anything

About Battering Ram - Instead of Battering Ram, you can substitute for Luna Stone. There are benefits to both, so it is a matter of choice. I feared Scroll attacks over Counter Shield (in which I plan to Reform), so I chose Battering Ram. Works against Defensive creatures that have more than 0 ST too.

Below, I will briefly talk about certain cards' roles in the book:

Cockatrice - There is a territory requirement, so not only can I not bring him out instantly, depending on how the match goes, I might not be able to summon him at all. However, not only can Cockatrice survive reflection, there is no discard cost, so when you step on your opponent's low level territories, you can go ahead and turn everything to stone, to weaken them.
Ghoul - With Hourglass and Winged Boots, he acts like Nike. Unlike Nike, if you have the chance, you can aim at taking out weak enemies and gain a bit of MHP. Best if you can time the destruction along with Mutation, to gain 30 MHP at once. The highest I got was 80. The good thing about Paralysis over Wall transformation is that it prevents your opponent from even using Scrolls = Better defense than the other creatures
Golden Idol - I actually did not originally put him in my book, but later I changed some Baldanders for this creature. If I can place him on the field, it makes the game much easier. Instead of Cockatrice, I can use Medusa instead to turn creatures to Walls, and Statue is weaker than Wall of Stone. Cockatrice and Igneous can be summoned at ease and because most creatures require discard, it really eases the consumption of my hand.
Hourglass - Against other Attack First creatures, during defense. It allows my creature at defense to always attack first. Very useful, very cheap, cannot be destroyed. The only counter is Hourglass itself. The perfect defense for this book's creatures.
Igneous Fatui - Low MHP, harsh placement requirements, Attack Last. Very difficult to summon, difficult to use, and the Instant Death is not 100%. However, Instant Death for Igneous affects all creatures and Igneous itself does not die, so after you take the territory, you can still protect it with Attack First Instant Death. With Hourglass and Winged Boots, Igneous counters his greatest weakness, Attack Last, and is the ultimate weapon against Wind and Earth creatures. To bad he cannot enter Fire and Water, which makes those books hard to fight against. On the other hand, he makes good insurance against Wind and Earth books.
 Medusa - Unlike Cockatrice, she can be summoned instantly, though there is a discard requirement. Statue is far weaker than Wall of Stone, so if Gold Idol is active, she can prove to be quite an annoyer. Unlike Cockatrice, she can read Fusion and with both Nuclear Fusion and Battering Ram in hand, your opponent and you are forced to guess which one is coming, with Fusion against Negation and otherwise, Battering Ram.
Nike -  The queen of attacking first and causing status ailments. I originally didn't put her in my book because her ability is so obvious and used, but her usefulness and no need for items to function really is useful. Hourglass allows her to have excellent defense even against Attack First enemies.
Succubus - Probably one of the main reasons there is an age limit on this game. Cheap with a well balanced 40/40, but the discard requirement is a pain. However, putting the discard aside, she is cheap for her stats. She is also one of the main targets of Mutation, because her ability allows her to drain your opponent's ST, but she can only drain basic ST. ST from items and creature effects remain, so she needs the HP to survive that remaining amount. With 40 ST, simply using Hourglass is enough to take out creatures such as General Guan first before they can even attack, regardless of Succubus' ability. Great card artwork, by the way.
Winged Boots - Compared to Hourglass, this cannot counter Attack First invaders, but it cannot be destroyed and is enough against other creatures. It also returns to the Book, so you can use it again and again, especially at the latter quarter of the game.

Book Recipe:

Gold Idol x 4
Medusa x 4
Ghoul x 4
Cockatrice x 3
Igneous Fatui x 2
Succubus x 3
Nike x 3
Hourglass x 4
Winged Boots x4
Battering Ram x 3
Nuclear Fusion x 2
Greed x 1
Turn to the Wall x 2
Find x 1
Holy Word 8 x 3
Magic Boost x 1
Mutation x 3
Revival x 1
Reform x 2

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