Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Season Fall Anime thoughts

So now that every anime of this season has aired, I have chosen what to watch this season.
Below are my choices and occasionally, reasons for why I don't plan to watch it.
If I ignore a series for both watch and not watch, that just means it absolutely doesn't matter to me.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Enjoyable shojo anime, so far
(Not) Kamisama Hajimemashite - Shojo anime, but too typical and a very painful OP


Hayate no Gotoku - To be honest, fairly poor so far, but I plan to watch it as I used to read the manga, which I did drop eventually because it was fairly boring too. And there is nothing else to watch.

Hidamari Sketch - Very stable series. Nice and peaceful series.
Busou Shinki - Good old otaku anime, though not harem anime. Doesn't try too hard to be more than what it should and while it feels "old," it's been very enjoyable so far to watch. Personally one of the best new animes this season.
Robotic Notes - Curious on how the story will play out
(Not) K - Yeah................ No.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures - One of the best new animes this season. So GAR. So hot! SO EXCITING!
(Not) To-Love-Ru - A series that has nothing going for it except fanservice. Already bad enough there, but there are censors too. Fanservice anime without proper fanservice?!

Little Busters - Curious how the story will turn out, as I never played the game. I just hope the big revelation isn't the same as Clannad and Kanon. Now that would be a one-trick pony @Key
Seitoukai no Ichizon - Although the previous season was average at best, everything including voice actors have changed, so I am curious on how it will turn out now. I liked the first episode, but they play it off comically, so I can't tell if the anime will have good episodes like this in the future.

(Smile Precure from last season at least)

Doesn't this season look great? (*sarcasm*)
Jojo isn't even a recent series, so it doesn't help boost my confidence on the anime/manga/light novel industry's ability to make new interesting stories.

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