Thursday, October 11, 2012

Culdcept Journal(?) - Special Floor - Dunnan 1 vs 1

A read more mark because it will get long... (Images taken from Culdcept Central):

So the week for Dunnan's 1 vs. 1 battle turned out great! I did 30 battles and won all 30 of them! No loss!
Which is why I felt like talking about my Book that I used during these 30 battles.

When I was in bed one day, I was thinking about which book to use during this week's Special. That's when I thought of using a Normal Book!
Why? Because Dunnan is so small. There isn't enough territory to chain and it is difficult to chain without forcibly changing a territory's element. Then let's use Normal, that doesn't depend on territory element to function.

The strategy is to simply take up all of the territories, to not let my opponent gain the territories they want. If they use an Earth Book, then swarm the Earth territory and prevent the opponent from taking it. With Borgess, basic creatures in this book like Steam Gear already have 70 HP on their own. With items like Power Bracelet, this reaches 120, which makes it very hard for your opponent to take territory you already got. By simply doing this, you gain a great advantage over your opponent as they have a hard time setting up their field. Use Normal element's natural toughness and strength to overwhelm your opponent! The territories you level up can generally be anything, since all creatures are tough. You can change your choice flexibly depending on your opponent.

In battle...
-Shatter destroys Necroscarab and Holy Grail, which provide ultimate defences.
-Counter Shield provides protection in defense as well as ward off Paladin, Cleric, Bandit, and Shadefolk.
-Power Bracelet generally does a better job than Prismatic Wand because other than Borgess and Battle Gear Alpha (that has Support), the other creatures all have 40 MHP or higher. Not only that, but the effect of the weapon is the same even if the creature is slightly hurt.
-Stormcauser is usable by most creatures in this book and gives a devastating boost.
-Against items and creatures that negate physical attacks, there are the 4 scrolls. Nuclear Fusion is for the tougher creatures while Soul Blast is a cheaper method to remove creatures with low HP like Decoy. Soul Blast's stealing effect also works well with the smallness of the stage.

Below, I will briefly talk about certain cards' roles in the book:

 Battle Gear Alpha - Well, a low MHP is scary, but this is the only creature in this book that cannot be targeted by spells. This makes this the perfect creature to level up territory for if your opponent has Locust or Meteor. Though with only 20MHP, Colossus and Borgess gives a total of 110 MHP. When that is overkill, you can always fuse with Beta to create Bundle Gear to create the strongest creature in the game.
 Battle Gear Beta - The only Support creature with 40 MHP, not only is it immune to Tyranny, but since you can cast curses on this, by fusing with Alpha, you can create Bundle Gear with Camouflage!
Borgess - The god of Normal creature, a Normal Book doesn't start without this great guy. Because he is so important, 4 of him in the Book is best.
With only 30 MHP (only creature in my Book that dies in one Evil Blast) and because of how much he stands out, he is constantly killed though.
Bundle Gear - Created by using Battle Gear Alpha with Beta or vice-versa. 70/70, no item restrictions, immunity to Scrolls, immunity to spells. This makes him a very strong creature. However, your opponent will know to avoid him, so in general, you will need to actively aim for this fusion.
With no restriction, he really is unstoppable. Against Decoy, you can use Scrolls. Paladin can be stopped by Counter Shield. Ninja Fusion doesn't affect him. Power Bracelet gives him a whopping 140/140.
And don't forget Borgess.
Colossus - A good creature to help you crush all of your opponent's weak territories. By putting him on the side of a high level territory, you can slowly drain the HP of the creature. With Borgess, you can increase the amount of times you can attack before Colossus is destroyed.
 Cyclops - Why use a creature that attacks last over Steam Gear? Because not only is he cheaper, but he can read scrolls. Even with Attack Last, 50 MHP with Borgess already allows him to survive many attacks. With Power Bracelet, he can survive even more attacks before dealing great damage.
Decoy - I only entered one of him in the Book just for the sake of a trickster, since most of my creatures are obvious straight-forward attackers. Easily disposed, mixing one of these with my attackers makes Decoy quite the surprise and a nasty one. Decoy is strong after all. He kind of stands out from the rest of the Book though, since a boost from Borgess or Power Bracelet doesn't really do anything.
 Migoal - Other than his Discard requirement for summoning, he is incredible. As you may know, his ability to negate the offensive Fire and Wind and ability to Critical Hit the defensive Earth and Water is very logical. Especially against Earth and Water, Stormcauser allows him to deal 150 damage! Against Fire and Wind, he can deal 100, which is already enough.
Ninja - The ace of the Book. There is just no way you can go wrong with this guy. Whether it is a Scroll or Power Braclet/Stormcauser, he can take out most defenses. Once in defense, he can protect with Attack First. He is also the only creature that can defend against Paladin.
Steam Gear - A simple 50/50. Attack, Defend, he can do anything. Useful in many situations.
Thief - If you have Stormcauser in your hand, this creature is a terror against Support. If they guess wrong, they could have their Colossus stolen and used. If they guess wrong, Thief might charge in with Stormcauser (80 damage). If they guess wrong, Thief might read a Scroll.
On the defensive side, as always, your opponent has to purely deal more damage than Thief's HP, without items or with items that lower HP. With Borgess, this requirement is 60 (Colossus/Executor/Lords). With Camouflage on Level 5, it is just impossible.

Because it is 1 vs 1, there are people that think a deck with a whole bunch of negative annoyer spells will allow them to win. Since it is 1 vs. 1, all negative spells will be directed towards you either way. Which is why Barrier is very useful. Putting 4 in usually won't rot. Very useful.
If your opponent uses Holy Word and Haste instead of annoyer spells, try casting this on THEM.

Book Recipe:

Colossus x 2
Cyclops x 1
Thief x 2
Steam Gear x 2
Decoy x 1
Ninja x 4
Battle Gear Alpha x 3
Battle Gear Beta x 3
Borgess x 4
Migoal x 2

Counter Shield x 2
Stormcauser x 2
Soul Blast x 2
Power Bracelet x 3
Nuclear Fusion x 2

Evil Blast x 1
Camouflage x 3
Shatter x 3
Drain Magic x 2
Barrier x 4
Wind of Hope x 2


  1. Great article. If you ever have time and are willing to describe other decks you use (with reasons why you use specific cards) - that would be great. I also like the pictures you include - as I am slowly trying to memorize the cards and their abilities.

    Did you ever come close to losing in any of your 30 matches?

    By the way - can you read Japanese or do you just figure things out as you go along? I have a very good Japanese friend but am not sure if I should ask her to buy a Japanese 3DS with Culdcept for me. Ideally, I would love Nintendo/Omiyasoft just to tell us if/when it will be coming to our shore.

    Thanks again

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Been busy and haven't been looking at my blog recently.

      To answer your questions:
      >>Did you ever come close to losing in any of your 30 matches?
      The closest I got to losing was against one person that used a defensive Normal element book (Peace + Uniformity) and a person that used a Fire element book that was more offensive than mine. In general though, I did not have much trouble.
      Especially easy were the opponents that tried to take advantage of 1 vs. 1 and use a whole bunch of negative spells and territory abilities (Slow, Holy Word 0, Witch, etc), as they hardly took territories, could not protect them if they manage to, and Barrier shuts them out completely.

      >>can you read Japanese or do you just figure things out as you go along?

      I can read Japanese.
      If you can understand Japanese and is willing to invest the money, I do suggest buying a Japanese 3DS. You will be able to play the many games that might never come out or will take a long time to come out outside of Japan.

  2. Great - thanks for the response.

    Just a couple more quick questions (don't worry about them if you are busy)

    1) What is Shadefolks ability? I have looked on CuldceptCentral but the definition doesn't seem correct. There is a guy on UStream who streams matches (hitan) and I have seen Shadefolk used - I am just not sure how his strength is determined during a match.

    2) When can you and the AI use random books? Can they be used during normal matches, level up matches (ie - there are 10 levels per map), normal versus matches ... For the computer - can they only use certain random books or can they use any random book (mainly I am interested when the completely - 100% - random book can be used).

    Thanks again - keep up the great information.

    I think I will ask my friend to grab a 3ds and culdcept when she comes over next (as I don't have to pay the humongous prices on ebay/amazon).

    1. 1. I took a look at Culdcept Central and yeah, definitely not right. Shadefolk's ability is:
      ST=Number of Creatures of the same element as opposing creature on field x 10; Revenge: Steal 30% of Opponent's Magic

      2. You can use random books as soon as you unlock them. There are ones you can download and there are ones unlocked by playing on a certain map.
      AIs can use certain random books, depending on which character (some require download while others come with a random book).
      You can select which Book they use during the Play By Yourself mode, but the level-up stages all have a set book for each level.
      Online, there are certain floors that allow you to use Random books.

    2. Follow-up, but the completely 100% random book can be used as soon as you download it from online.
      In-game, the only AI that can use a 100% random book is Gorigon.

  3. Great - thanks again for all the info.

    I thought Shadefolk's ability was similar to what you mentioned.