Monday, August 13, 2012

Etrian Odyssey 4 - Complete

Got all of the symbols (at the bottom), defeating all bosses including the final one.
Character introductions and QR Code following the "Read More" (pictures take up too much space):

 All units except my Rune Master have retired at level 70 while my Rune Master has retired at level 99.

Dancer at Swordsman.
The only point of the Swordman subclass is to boost her attack power.
Generally, she focuses on Chase Samba and Rush Dance to attack over and over again while using Quick Step when I need a character to move first (especially against Shiny enemies).
Later on in the game, I also used Refresh and Recovery Waltz against enemies that used Binds and Status Ailments.
On the last parts of the game, I also had her use Attack Tango to boost the power of the front row and with Samba, Tango, and Waltz, use Beat Dance to deal damage.
In general, she was the support of the party, able to change what she did depending on the enemy.

Fortress at Dancer.
The main point of the Dancer subclass is the Fan Dance skill, which increases her evasion. With this and Guard Mastery, her ability as the shield of the party greatly increases. I also taught her Quick Step, just in case.
Her main role of the party is of course to shield the rest of the party.
In general, she uses Rampart and then the Divide skills to keep the rest of the party as safe as possible. Depending on the enemy, Taunt or Defense Formation skills could be used instead, which either save her TP or allows her to attack as well. Although she doesn't have any attack boost skills, being able to use a Mace gives her a decent attack power.

Swordman at Imperial.
The main physical attacker of the party that also plays a role in support. With her class skill that boosts the damage dealt to an enemy by party members that attack after her, in general, she gets the job done by just using Sonic Blade to always go first.
When her Gun Sword is not overheating, I have my Dancer use Quick Step to have her go first and blast the enemy with a powerful Drive Attack (which usually goes last because it isn't fast). Since she goes first, my Rune Master will be strengthened by her class skill.
When I prepare for a powerful single attack, I can also use the Imperial's Hawkeye to lower the enemy's resistance.
Sword Breaker is a useful Passive Skill in general.
Since she is using a Gun Sword, I could not equip two weapons on her, so I didn't need that skill. I spend quite a number of skill points on her sub-class.

Rune Master at Mononof:
With no doubt, the MPV of my party. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to deal damage as efficiently. Able to use every element, she also has a Neutral Element attack for enemies resistant to all three elements, so she can deal good damage to every enemy.
The main point of her sub-class is just Carnage Lv.1. By using this, until she dies, all of her attacks are strengthened. A little loss of HP doesn't matter because she is on the back row and a little loss of TP doesn't matter because she has plenty to go around.
Against FOE and Bosses, Carnage -> Attack is very efficient. Depending on the enemy, she can use her Seals along with my parties' Hawkeye and such to turn any attack into a weakness, thus activating her Passive Skill.

Medic at Mystic:
Obviously, the healer of the party. Very simple, so there is not much need for explanation.
I gave her a Knife so she would move faster, so I did not take any of the Medic's attack skills.
Since there are plenty of moments she does not need to heal, but has too low of an attack power to do much damage with her basic attack, I gave her a Mystic sub-class so she can set magic circles to Bind the opponent. When she needs, she can transform the circle into an attack too.
Also, I forged Petrify onto her weapon, so basic attacks could possible deal instant death.

AND finally, here is my QR Code:
It might take a bit of adjusting, but it is readable by the 3DS. The character you can recruit is my Rune Master. Technically, I could power her up even further with the ultimate Knife and doping items, but since I already defeated everything, I didn't feel the need:

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