Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (10/15/14)

I have recently completed the 3 Clear Getters (not sure the English name, the achievement panels) in Smash Bros 3DS, BTW. Used Zero-Suit Samus to clear 9.0 Classic mode. Her aerial abilities really help against Master Hand and co.
Monster Hunter 4G week!
And New 3DS!

-The hardware chart on 4Gamer turns into Pacman once again with the release of the New 3DS.
Over 230,000 for the New 3DS family and combined with the old 3DS, the 3DS family achieves over 350,000 for the week, decimating all other game systems. Even the Vita plunges into the 4 digit area, which is actually has not done much recently.

-With no surprise, Monster Hunter 4G arrives at the top. According to Capcom:
The shipment of 4G has already passed 2 million. Sales-wise, around 1.5 million.
Not counting DL(?), 4Gamer records 1,446,289.
In the same period, MH4 did around 1,800,000.
For first week sales, the past two G games:
MH 2nd G       823,265
MH 3 G              471,055
MH4 G                        1,446,289
Considerably good results, I believe.

-Smash Bros 3DS goes past the 1.5 million mark on 4Gamer.

-As far as new games go, FIFA15 also came out on the 3 PS consoles, but wow...
PS4 16,719
PS3 16,149
Freakishly similar.
FIFA14 World Soccer PS3 was 27,488
PS4 9,780
It seems. Well, too many versions to compare, so I'll just leave it with 14. Don't have interest in the series anyways.

-In the shadows, we cannot forget SCE's Driveclub of 8,620.
Which, without even comparing, looks pretty bad.

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