Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (11/19/14)
A surprisingly large number of new games this week. And surprising boost in the hardware sales.
Next week... Pokemon! (And Etrian Odyssey! <-- Well no, the week after next, but close enough for me)

-Multis Call of Duty and World Soccer
-(A rare apperance of) XBOX's games, Call of Duty and Halo
It seems World Soccer 2014 did 151,800 in the first week? 2015 did 71,000 and 26,000 to around almost 100,000.
2014's Call of Duty Ghost did 190,631? 2015's does 80,000 and 64,000, to around 144,000. I guess both dropped from the previous game, but Call of Duty is so-so comparitively.

-The Dengeki Bunko version (Multi here too) of Jump Ultimate Stars does 34,000 and 25,000 to around 60,000.
 Jump Ultimate Stars was 169,740, BTW. But well, Jump is more popular.

-As for the other new games...
--One Piece - Not sure if I should compare it to the other One Piece games or the One Piece Grand Battle series... The other? One Piece game that came out on the 3DS seemed to have done around 70,000?

-Susume Toad-tai - To be honest, when I think about Toad, I don't think about cute, but rather, that screeching voice of his...

-One anime game for guys, one anime game for girls. What balance

-As for hardware, 3DS generally stays where it was
WiiU gets a boost from bundle pack?
PS4 gets a boost from the new games?
Vita seems to have gotten a boost from the new color and limited edition stuff?

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