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Toushin Toshi: Extra Talk

NSFW, BTW. Mainly because I'm putting some of the CG in the post.
Comparisons with the original, talk about the CG, about the characters, about how evil the protagonist could be in the original, such

 Game Setting Differences:
The biggest difference in the two games are:
  • The reward for winning a round in the tournament
    • Original - You can do ANYTHING you want with the opponent's partner (= Sex)
    • 3DS - Date with the opponent's partner
  • To eat angels
    • Original - Sex with them
    • 3DS - Suck blood 
  • You capture girl monsters
    • Original - With SM Rope... and then can sell them off for money
    • 3DS - With cards, to use in battle
Of course, there are many other differences, but setting-wise, these had to be changed for... obvious reasons.
Also, certain stuff in the original game like a religious cult, references to shows like Kamen Rider, Tokkou-chan (Suicidal Attack-chan) were removed... for probably good reasons.
I'll talk about some of the character changes in the Characters section.

Of course I loved the fanservice, but one problem I had with the CG was that all of the Girl's Gifts (which are the human characters) all have the same base. Naked girl covered in ribbons.
I don't know, sure, there were some good ones, but I wished they weren't all ribbons. Gifts have ribbons, yes, so it isn't like the idea is off or anything. Or maybe it is because some of the characters aren't attractive enough as characters for me to care about their naked bodies...

One of my favorites is Ann... who... is a beast-human? Or a girl monster? She has animal ears, so she clearly isn't a normal human...

 On the other hand, the girl monsters' CGs are pretty much anything goes. So there is more variety. Also, sometimes half-broken clothing is better than just completely nude. No?

In this game, you can move a number of turns depending on your Attack Points. This rare girl's support ability lets you get +1 AP just by striking the enemy weakness. Super useful... Her main ability reduces the opponent's accuracy. Coupled with boosting your evasion, you can play luck games with bosses.
Oh, and cute too.

 Of course, there are normal story-based CG too. These are all pretty varied, obviously.

 Set-up for Last Boss:

 I chose not to eat the Angels, so I could only get the 2nd best weapon and armor in the game. Didn't really do that much grinding to get to this level.
I equipped myself with an anti-card seal ring because that was the only status ailment not preventable by support cards. Still doesn't protect 100% of the time...

Ram -> In case I accidentally die, revives myself once
Kotodama -> To immediately cure Item-Seal status ailment when it occurs
Maid-san -> Healing a bit each turn
Valkyrie -> Counters once every turn, little damage can become great in the long run
Frog Warrior -> Sleep
Kona-Arai -> Poison; Poison damage doesn't waken Sleep, so by using both, you can slowly drain the boss' HP without letting him do anything. When you hit a Sleeping enemy with Sleep, or any other ailment, it resets the turns needed for it to be cured. So once he is asleep, you can keep spanning Sleep to keep him asleep. There are some turns you can't manage to Sleep him, so you at least need the HP to survive accidents.
Angel Knight -> Elemental damage
Frozen -> Elemental damage of another element (Last Boss changes his element at random)

Man, that awesome feeling when you exact revenge on the asshole that both literally and figuratively made your life hell.
Ah, not the guy on the right, but the lady in the middle that I am trying to step on but cannot.

 While Sakuya's route is more of the true route in the game, I still decided to go with her first since I liked her more than Hazuki. Also, I heard that it is depressing to go through Hazuki's route, so I wanted to at least know that the game ends on a good term in the true route.
So when I go through Hazuki's route, I at least know there is a better ending.


She looks like this, but she is a Boku-kko. How do I say it... she's just too normal. It's not bad, yes, and you see her absolute devotion to you, but just plain, really.
Very strong with the sword, but sucks at cooking.

 Newly added heroine in the 3DS version. Her creation was actually done by Alice Soft, not Image Epoch, BTW.
Tsundere + Likes eating + Oni-musume + Dark Skin
She also kinda... bad at what she does. At one scene, she's like, something about fearing this appearance. But dude, you're a smaller girl (compared to the protagonist's height) with pink hair. What the heck is there to fear? Then at one time, she tries to take out a major boss only to fail and be captured. *facepalm* Cute in a way there too?
Not bad, not bad at all... Oh, she is voiced by Iriya from Fate/ series, but she sounds more like Kugimiya with her deep voice 95% of the time...
So yeah, found her more attractive than Hazuki, so I went her route.

Get this...
In the original game, she kinda stalks you around and at one time, she says she'll give up on you if you have sex with her. So you do, but then she changes her mind after sex. You get annoyed at this point...
and get the option to kick her off a cliff. And yes, she dies if you choose that option.
Needless to say, you don't get that option in the 3DS version. Her character has obviously changed too, where she offers a kiss after you help her with her work.

 In the original game, you had the option to have sex with her after defeating Kaji, as she is his partner and you get to do anything to want with her. If you do so... she commits suicide afterwards.
Needless to say, none of that happens in the 3DS version, and for once, finally after 20 years (since the original game came out), has a happy ending with Kaji. Yay!

 Ah yes, angels. Those holier-than-thou beings that protect Hell from intruders...

 And then once you defeat them, these two... start begging for their lives. ...Err... Yeah. Kinda sad there, but also funny too.

Heck, Serabara F (loli) decides to give you information on how to pass to the next floor in an attempt to buy her safety from you... before you even say anything about letting her go if she told you the info.
But hey, cuteness is justice, so you might as well let her live. Because the other three angels already gave weapon (strongest), armor (strongest), accessory (unique), she gives an item... which turns out to not only be not the most useful item available, but have the same effect as one you can get a fair number throughout the game...

 At least the other two angels don't put up such a terrible show after they are defeated...

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