Saturday, February 25, 2017

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-17 Exposed Selector

The usual usual. I can't really think up much of a clever line to say.

All in all, the results weren't too bad. Of course, it isn't as great as last time, but I don't expect to get that lucky every time. Getting Nameless Fear and a copy of Oware is the minimum I was looking for, and I was at least able to complete that mission.

A lot of duplicates for the Another Card slot this time around.
I personally think this time's Calender cards all have really good artwork. Very attractive. So I wanted to get as many kinds as possible, but as you can see, I somehow got 3 copies of Aya, 3 copies of Mama, and 2 copies of Nanashi and Carnival. Oh, and 2 copies of Satomi Coin. Damn...
Thankfully, these are all pretty cheap, so it isn't too hard to get my hands on them.

As for the Parallel cards, the results were generally satisfying. 3 Calender Parallels + 1 Carnival Parallel + 1 Parallel with Dona on it. Carnival's Parallels are pretty attractive to collect because she actually takes off her mask on them. Almost all Parallels don't change the artwork, but these do, giving a good reason to just collect them. And Dona just best girl, so it's just good to get Parallels with cards with her on it.
For Koutou, you get to see almost all of their legs. In the normal version, it is hard to tell that the one on the right is lifting her leg.
For Taitotsu, the artwork is just awesome. It's one of those Parallel cards that almost look like a Super Rare card. Oh, and the butt.

And yeah, I think I might be short one Parallel...

And then for my Super Rare and higher cards... Another so-so result.
On the positive note, I was able to get one copy of Oware and Nameless Fear, which fits into Dona's deck. I also got the Secret version of Carnival that has her mask off (she has another Secret version that has her mask on, but with a signature) and her LR Art.
On the negative side, I got two copies of two Super Rares... While I like Gilgamesh's design, not only is she hard to use, but I don't have a Ril deck. I do have a Mel deck, so 2 copies of her card will not go to waste. And my 2nd Secret card was.............. Solar Flare.....................

In a way, it's almost as if someone was screaming at me to make a Carnival deck. I mean, I got one copy of BOTH of her high-rarity Signis as well as her rarest version of her Level 4 Lrig. On top of that, I even got her LR Arts. I got her Calender card as well as Level 1, 2, and 3 from the Boosters, even a Parallel version of her Level 3.
I was actually hoping to collect some Piruluk cards. I even bought a couple copies of Odagame to prepare to use her. But look at this! Not one Piruluk card. Not her LR, not her SR. Instead, everything I wanted for Piruluk came to me as Carnival. It's not that I don't like her though, and she can be pretty sexy at times (like her Calender artwork).

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