Sunday, August 6, 2017

Super Smash Bros WiiU: Current Usage Stats

Still working on Radiant Historia. Hard Mode is... hard...

Anyways, I recently got a 7777 Battles congrats message thing, so I just wanted to record my current character usage.
Oh, and as shown on the right side of the blog, I sometimes upload videos to

Mr. Game and Watch -> Unique moves all around, powerful recovery that keeps instant death combos away
Ganondorf -> Duh. So powerful and fun to use.
Donkey Kong -> Strangely addictive. I picked him up after the above two though. Also, probably the only regular character I use that has range on his attacks (the arms that don't have hurtboxes)
R.O.B. -> Sometimes just want to use a projectile-main character
Little Mac -> Sometimes just want to use such a... one-sided character
Palutena -.> Waifu! ...Though her playstyle honestly doesn't suit me
Jigglypuff -> Sometimes just want to use an underdog... Though I don't really have the bravery to Rest
Ike -> Starting to get used to him

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