Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Shiny of Pokemon XY!

I was just breeding normally, no Masuda, and a Shiny appeared!
( ̄∇ ̄)v ドヤッ!

I was trying to get a Timid Ralts with Synchronize and did not have any Pokemon to chain breed Everstone Timid onto it, so I was blindly breeding until I did get a Timid. And after almost two hours, two Timids appeared at once (wish only one appeared, EARLIER) and in the same batch of 5 was a Shiny Ralts!
However, the nature is, as you can see, CAREFUL, which lowers Sp. Atk. And it is Female, so I cannot turn it into Gallade, making it hard to use competitively. Though it does increase the Sp. Def, so I could still use it as a defensive wall, which does not care as much about Sp. Atk.
Don't know the IVs yet though.

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