Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Game! v(´∀`*v) and a Small Thought on Pokemon Fairy Type

Haven't exactly finished Monster Hunter 4, but I went ahead and bought this game. I will probably slowly play it while focusing on Monster Hunter 4. Besides, the Bank hasn't started yet, so I can't transfer Pokemon over.

So I got Pokemon Y. I chose it over X mainly because I liked the Legendary more. I'm sure both game have their special Pokemon, so I didn't really choose on that.
DL version, by the way, since it cost too much to import.

So far, it is just like another Pokemon game, so there really isn't much to say. The default UI for the menu and stuff are a bit hard to understand though and start doesn't open the item bag or anything of (current) use.

But well, I've followed Pokemon since Generation 1, so I ought to try this out, eh?
But I have to say, I always like the dot art better. You know, the 2D artworks. If it is gonna be 3D, it needs to be Pokemon Battle Revolution-level before I prefer it over the 2D artwork.

Anyways, the introduction of Fairy changed the typing of some characters. For my sake as well, I wanted to go over the changes in their defense thanks to this.
Oh, and before I start, I want to scream for my Tri-Attack Togekiss.
BECAUSE IT ISN"T NORMAL NOW! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I worked so hard to make them too in Pokemon XD! You know how hard it is to get a good Serene Grace Togekiss?

Clefairy, Granbull - Normal -> Fairy
Weakness: Fighting -> Poison, Steel
Resistance/Negation: Ghost -> Fighting, Bug, Dark, Dragon

Wigglytuff - Normal -> Normal/Fairy
Weakness: Fighting -> Poison, Steel
Resistance/Negation: Ghost -> Ghost, Bug, Dark, Dragon

Mr Mime, Gardevoir - Psychic-> Psychic/Fairy
Weakness: Ghost, Dark, Bug -> Ghost, Poison, Steel
Resistance/Negation: Fighting, Psychic -> Fighting, Psychic, Dragon

Togekiss - Normal/Flying-> Flying/Fairy
Weakness: Ice, Electric, Rock -> Ice, Electric, Rock, Poison, Steel
Resistance/Negation: Ground, Ghost, Grass, Bug -> Ground, Ghost, Grass, Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fighting

Azumarill - Water -> Water/Fairy
Weakness: Electric, Grass -> Electric, Grass, Poison
Resistance/Negation:Water, Ice, Fire, Steel -> Water, Ice, Fire, Dark, Dragon, Bug, Fighting

Mawile - Steel -> Steel/Fairy
Weakness: Fire, Ground, Fighting -> Fire, Ground
Resistance/Negation: Too many -> No longer resistant to Steel or Ghost;

Whimscott - Grass-> Grass/Fairy
Weakness: Poison, Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice-> Poison (x4), Fire, Flying, Ice, Steel
Resistance/Negation: Grass, Ground -> Grass, Ground, Fighting, Ghost, Dragon

 I believe that is it?

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