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Monster Hunter 4 Story Complete!

So anyways, completed the main story to the game. Of course, there is plenty of stuff to do left, but I beat the last boss and the credits rolled, so I wanted to go ahead and write an article. I'll try to introduce a bit of the game, to the best of my beginner Monster Hunter knowledge.
Oh, and of course, story spoilers (I'll try to leave a blank before them)
And fairly long article

So it was pretty fun. It was my first Monster Hunter and I could never get into Monster Hunter 3's demo version, but I was able to see the enjoyable part of Monster Hunter through this game. The use of heights (an addition in MH4) works great, with monsters using them against you as well.
The graphics are good too, with the monsters moving extremely well. The movies are well done too and the 3D sometimes really can pop out at you.
Overall, if you get the chance, you should try out the game.As a new numbered title, it is also a good chance to start Monster Hunter if you have never done it before. There is PLENTY of tutorial and Help info, so you wouldn't usually get lost.

And then, I'll try to introduce some of the game first before talking about the main story and impressions on the battles. People who have already played Monster Hunter probably will already though.

So the main MAIN structure of the game is the quest counter, where you take quests. You have to check a quest with the lady first before you can head out to do a quest.

(Old picture, which is why I only have 2 here)
You have levels and as you do key quests, the story moves on and new levels are unlocked. You usually have an emergency quest in key points of the story too. Which usually raise you to the next level?

Streetpass Cat
...........................Useless for me. It's already rare enough having a JP 3DS........

Guy who sells weapons and armor.
100% useless, from the way I see it. He only sells low level armor and weapons, meaning you will always get better results by just making new armor at the blacksmith guy.

 The blacksmith guy, who makes weapons and armor as well as upgrades them if you have the right material
You won't be able to get material for cat equipment until the latter half of the game.

 A cat chef that makes food for you. For a little bit of money, he makes food for you that activates different effects depending on the food ingredient you choose, such as increased resistance to elements or materials not breaking as easily. Definitely pay a small fee to get a big boost before going to a quest. The price for the food is very cheap and you will not be at a loss to stop by.

 Item store. Buy all kinds of items. Useful for buying potions, as it is less of a bother to just buy the potions instead of mixing items into potions. You can't buy Potions Great though?
I didn't know you had to buy the tools like the Net here at first. I thought the game would give them to you as you made story progress.

The place where you do Guild Quests and other quests that involve multiple players.

Your room, where you can assign cats to do stuff, play with your pig, move items, and access various stuff from within your room instead of moving to different villages.

Bottom screen, outside of quests

No price, thankfully. Quests, Cats, other DL stuff.

Later in the game, you also get this guy that polishes excavated items as well as equip gems? I haven't really used him much yet to say that much.

 Later later in the game, you will be able to play various cat mini-games. One allows you to catch lots of fish as well as this sea dragon for material.

The other has you play a short minigame to get materials for the cat equipment.

About story stuff and other stuff:

 Random picture of me defeating Neruskyura, a spider monster that seems to be new to Monster Hunter 4?
My final weapon in-game was this spider's Insect Rod. As expected, the Rod contains poison and works well with the fact the Insect Rod hits multiple times quickly.
The enemy itself is pretty cool, climbing up and down like a spider (duh?). If you are above it, it will try to clamp on you from below. It also has Sleep and Poison moves, including a cool one where it sprouts these giant poisonous pincers and takes a bite.

So yeah, anyways, I beat the game. At the end, I was using the Insect Rod made by the spider monster above. Because I wanted to keep the "Riding Master" skill, I kept using my beginning armor, but once I got to Goa Magara and quest failed 4-5 times (he does some really nasty damage, especially the breath moves), I finally gave in and changed armor. My new set of armor gave me the skills Stamina +50 and Defense(Small). This time, I was able to defeat Goa Magara without dying even once, though it helped that I started to feel his attack pattern.
I later found an Accessory that gave me Riding +8! And thanks to that and the remaining helmet equipment that I never changed,  I was able to get "Riding Master" as well as "Stamina +50" and "Defense(Small)"!

Defeated Goa Magara:

The last boss was pretty cool. In a way, it was a sad story. He's an ancient dragon that left his nest as a child and flew around the world (Goa Magara form). And upon evolving to an adult (he sheds the black skin and changes to Shagara? Magara, which is white/yellow), he flies back to his nest.
But because he spreads this pollen-ish stuff that causes monsters to go berserk, the hunters had to take him down.
In general, Shagara Magara has the same moves as Goa Magara, plus a few new ones, including a Virus Mine and a Breath Bomb that can move in any direction upon exploding. Of course, his attacks do more damage too. But I was somehow able to defeat Shagara Magara without dying even once, though I did end up using all 10 Potion Greats as well as the 3 Emergency Potions.

Defeated Magara:

Ending Movie:



And so yeah, continuing the game, finishing quests and all of that good stuff. I hope to find some armor set I like soon, so I can change my armor and get more defense.

PS: No Link stuff yet.

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