Thursday, September 5, 2013

Etrian Odyssey 4: Second Party Completed

Not sure how to title it, but anyways, aside from my first party (in my EO4: Completed post), I made another party that uses different classes from the first and went through and defeated the major bosses (dragons, final boss, hidden boss). This post talks about them:

Random story, but I liked the 3D model thing in EO2.

Finishing blow to the hidden boss (Warped Savior, JP: Warped Divine Tree of Harvest):
Took me two cycles. After the first cycle, I used Overdrive (Imperial) to instantly force him to open his eyes again and dealt the final blows.


Bushi + Dancer sub
Bushi's direct fire power combined with Chase/Rush dancing. However, against harder bosses, she already is busy casting the few support buffs this party has, such as Recovery-type dances.
Also sets up Quick Step for Imperial.
When she does have time to attack, she uses attacks accordingly. Most of Bushi's moves are easy to use, but on the other hand, there are very few attacks that deal great damage.

Imperial + Bushi sub
Bushi is always the choice if you are looking for more brute power, thanks to Blood Surge and Charge.
Imperial's elemental drives take six turns to heal from Overheat, which can be combo-ed with:
Drive -> Remove blood surge -> Heat Sink -> Blood Surge -> Charge -> Drive
Imperial's instant firepower really is beautiful.
The incredibly powerful Overdrive is hardly ever used since you have to enter Ignition first, but I was finally able to use it against the hidden boss, blowing away all of his tentacles and claws just after they rejuvenated.

Sniper + Bushi sub:
Bushi for power.
In battle, she mainly uses Charge -> Squall Volley, where my Arcanist and Night Seeker attempt to Bind/Confuse/Blind the target so Squall Volley will not miss. With Critical Hit and close to full hits, Squall Volley actually becomes to most damaging move in the game.
Outside of battle, Camouflauge helps in dungeon exploration.

Arcanist + Sniper sub
Sniper's Snipe skills allow the Arcanist to focus on binding one area. Combined with the  Bind Circles, Mystic can attempt to bind a body part twice in one turn.
And I think the Snipe binds have a higher chance of working?

 Night Seeker + Mystic sub
Mystic sub allows Night Seeker to gain the effect of Ailment Boost, making it even easier to deal ailments. My Night Seeker mainly uses Blind or Venom. Shadow Bite against enemies with ailments.

So as you can see, it is a very offensive party. Very little defense, mainly relying on Mystic's few healing capabilities, ailments, and binds to keep the damage as low as possible. Thanks to the Bushi passive skill, most characters can at least avoid dying once.

Next up, fighting the non-weakened hidden boss with a new party.......

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