Thursday, September 19, 2013

Radiant Historia Complete!

Completed the story and completed every node!
Conclusion: You ought to try this game out if you can get your hands on it, especially if discounted!

Of course, spoilers alert!

Great game! Especially the story. I think it has been a while since I sympathized with the last boss. Especially in the final event, once you clear certain events, "Promise"
The main protagonist is pretty nice too, not angsting too much, not too pushy, not too weak either.
It was also interesting to see even no-picture, mob characters play a big role in the last part of the game and also interesting to see different bad ends resulting from small decisions. Hey, who knew that not uniting a girl and a guy would end up causing the destruction of the world,
Dias and Selven ended up dying more pathetic deaths than I thought.
I actually thought Eruca was male when I first saw her artwork...

Battle-system-wise, it was pretty good too. The grid system and moving enemies around definitely was a different taste. I can not really say the characters are balanced, but the weaker characters are on your team all of the time and thus have a type of "advantage" to them.
Aht's traps are very, very powerful. Easily deals big damage.
Gafka is a combo machine on his own, thanks to that Wind God Fist thing, which pulls every enemy into one space. Not only can he connect to other combos, but this clearly allows you to abuse Aht's bombs even more.
Eruca starts off weak, skill-wise, but then she learns moves from the Master... And that is when she starts slaughtering enemies. On top of that, she has good support moves, including one that completely negates two attacks.
Marco has great support, but lacks greatly on the offensive side.
Raynie's magic is powerful, but Eruca's magic is ever more powerful.
Rosch is kind of like Eruca in the fact he spends a lot of time away from your team, thus making him underleveled. He becomes a good tank if you decide to train him, but if I had to train someone, I would train Eruca, who deals heavy damage to entire grids easily and has superior support moves.

Difficulty-wise, it was pretty spread out. In general, the SPIDERS were really hard. On top of Aht not being able to use traps, they all have a godly amount of HP and attack power... Against the one where you have to use only Stocke and Aht, I ended up poisoning it and reviving my characters over and over again until it lost enough HP to be killed. Used up over 20 reviving items.

On a more pointless note, I found a couple or so errors in translation. For instance, this one:
The Japanese title for this event is "Clown" not "Crown" On top of that, this error seems to come from the "l" and "r" being the same in Japanese.

And there is little to do after you beat the game. The only thing stronger than the last boss is the Master, and boy is he hard. There are 4 of them and they all deal sleep and powerful magic attacks.
I ended up defeating him using Aht's bombs and Eruca's Divine Light.

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