Sunday, September 8, 2013

((o(´∀`)o)) New Game!

Which is actually an old game!
But I found it discounted, so I decided to buy it. I hear good things about it too.
That, and it is Atlus. They say it is hard to get Atlus games after a while after release, after all. Gotta get it while you can, when it is cheaper than usual, especially.
Oh, and I love the artwork. An interesting and likeable, not too moe, style.

Radiant Historia!
Of course, when I say old game, I mean the game came out a while ago. I actually bought a new copy.
Gotta love that smell of new games!
Also, I got the English version because that was the version that was discounted. It is unfortunate that characters like Aht loses part of her speech pattern(?) because of the translation, but well, can't be helped much.

The battle system is pretty interesting, that grid thing. Thanks to that, I end up actually thinking a little every battle on how to get rid of the enemy the fastest while limiting the damage I receive.

But geez, Aht's traps do way too much damage. They can do 2~3, even more, times as much damage than the other characters' attacks. Sure, there is a requirement to do damage, but it isn't that hard to satisfy those requirements.
And despite being able to life a big mace, she has low attack power. (Well, she'd be even more broken if she had high physical attack power too)

 Marco (*snort*)

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