Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (6/11/14)

La... Lady Palutena?! Yahoooo~~!
I wish Smash Bros would come with duel audio...

BTW, two new girls introduced for Kinki no Magna.
Loli and Meganekko

-Persona Q comes out!
Topping the list with 180,000+, it only lands barely behind Persona 4's first week.
Persona 4: 211,967
Persona 4 Golden: 152,499
Megami Tensei 4: 184,811
From an Etrian Odyssey perspective, Etrian Odyssey usually does around 80,000+. So it seems to be a good first week from both perspectives.

But............. I want Etrian Odyssey 5, not Persona...

-Vanguard (Card Game) does 32,253
Compared to Yugioh (Card Game), Duel Carnival was 68,766.
About half. I guess popularity-wise, this makes sense? Don't know anything about Vanguard though...

-Mario Kart 8 gets a steady 2nd week? at 2nd place

-...And then a whole bunch of games that don't matter. PS4 sees a tiny boost in sales thanks to a new game and a FIFA bundle pack?
A rare sight as a XBOX360 game appears on the list.
Monster Hunter 4 reappears. (The sales didn't go up, but the list's sale numbers at the bottom went down)

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