Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (6/4/14)

Mario Kart 8 finally comes out around the world! Of the few Mario games I play, Kart is one of them and damn is it fun. And its so luck-based while also requiring skill that each race is fun, even if you get bombarded by a blue shell near the finish line. And then you immediately go on to the next game. Great stuff.

-Of course, but Mario Kart 8 takes the top with 320000+.
3DS's 7 was 451,932.
So-so, I guess?

-Of course, the WiiU's sales also increases to near 20,000. Although it seems like a small number, let us not forget that in previous games:
 So, surprisingly? Mario Kart doesn't bring in as dramatic change to software sales as I thought. Don't have the data for the 3DS change. I think it was bigger though.
BTW, it seems Japan does NOT have a Mario Kart 8 WiiU Bundle set. Which is unfortunate.

Anyways, it is up to the future weeks. As people may know, Mario Kart 7 popped back on the top 20 list once in a while, so it does have a long lifespan. So looking forward to next week?

-On 2nd place is BandaiNamco's Gundam game! Gundam Side Stories.
..........Yep, you guessed it. BandaiNamco brought out crap again, aimed only to trick customers into spending money on trash. Anger on Amazon
Though to be honest, considering BandaiNamco's past, I'd say you'd be stupid to buy their games (especially fan-targeting ones) anymore, anyways.

-Aside from that, a few more PS games, but other than a Nobunaga game, a bunch of forgetful otaku games.

-Youkai watch sees a growth?! from last week.

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