Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (5/28/14)

Not an impressive week, number-wise. Though somewhat eventful?

More importantly, Kinki no Magna's official website finally updated. FINALLY.
For the character section, if you press the looping arrow, you can see the heroines' maid outfits. Though it seems to take time to load, so after pressing it once, just waiting it out might work better.
Beatrice and Diana for me, right now! 

-World Soccer comes out on 3 consoles, with the PS3 version coming out on top, then 3DS, then Vit... PSP (eh?).
Never been interested in sports games...

-inFamous comes out at 2nd place. Considering the hype, I kind of expected better, but as a Western game, there are limits to selling in Japan.
...As you can see with the new game To-Love-Ru as well as the following games from last week like Idolmaster and MoeChronicle.
*sigh* Well, in a way, having such an obvious audience isn't a bad thing.

-Youkai Watch holds steady, though a lack of new games keeps the 3DS low (compared to its own sales). Despite inFamous, PS4 not only drops, but it drops below the PS3. Vita seems to have gained a little thanks to To-Love-Ru?
BTW, Famitsu has the PS4 above the PS3. Amusingly, it took them a good amount of time to post this week's sales. Don't worry though, I trust Famitsu. They wouldn't use that amount of time to toy with the weekly results.

-No, I did not forget about Amnesia, but there just isn't anything to say. It looks like a side-game for the Amnesia game. I've only seen the anime and it wasn't all that bad, but considering the already small audience, I guess the 8,500 area isn't that poor of a performance.

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