Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (5/21/14)

 32,957Not a particularly exciting week, though there were a few new games.

On a more exciting note, Kinki no Magna (Marvelous Soft) got a bit of new info. It seems it will be released in October! (Damn! Long wait...)

-A few new games on the list, though the list drops to the 2000 range as it reaches spot 20.
-Hardware generally down too, with almost every system dropping quite a bit.
-WiiU sees no growth before the release of Mario Kart 8. How much will it truly benefit from it?! Tune in, next week!

-Software-wise, PS3 and Vita's new game tops the list. First place is DLC-hell Idolmaster.
2nd is Moe Chronicles.

-Though the list ends around the 2000 range, the top of the list is fairly healthy, including Youkai Watch, which is still steady.

-A sad thing perhaps, but...
God of War (action, violence, etc.) -  2,265
Moe Chronicle (ero, ero, fanservice) -  32,957

Sonic (classic, racing) -  2,339
Idolmaster (fanservice, moe, DLC-hell) -  83,395
..........Yeah, kind of tells you something about the audience for these systems (especially the Vita)...

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