Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monster Hunter 4 G/Ultimate : PV2 Analysis

Of sorts, I guess. I just felt I should write an article for once.
The actual PV
Analysis below:

Congrats, not only do you have that annoying tackle meat, but now the homing one comes back too!

Returning Monsters:
The addition of the crab increases users of the Water element, which was quite obsolete in MH4

 New SubSpecies:

Garara Ajara (Ice) - Bouncing, homing breath attack

Tetsukabra (Explosive)

Zabozagiru (Desert?) - Seen shooting out water (more water moves)

Kenel Certus + Arcertus (?) -

Kechawacha (Fire) - Head is really hard

Nerskura (Paralysis) - Seems to be using Furufuru's skin

Capturing move?

Completely new monster?

More places to hang and attack from:

Being able to attack after being launched into the air:

Basarios Sub's armor:

Zinogre's armor:

 Bone armor(?)

 Excavation-version of Rioheart armor:

 Garara Lance and Garuga's armor:

 Empress (Nana's) armor (?) and Skura's Longsword(?):

 Kaizer (Teo's) armor:

Furufuru Sub's armor:

 Rioheart's armor and Garara's longsword(?):

Garara's armor:

Rajang's armor:

Rex armor(?):

 Riosoul armor and Bone Insect Staff(?):

 Skura Charge Axe:

Goa Magara Insect Staff:

Excavation Greatsword:

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