Monday, May 19, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: More Design-Focused Armor Sets

As celebration of finally completing the excavated version of the Arteia (?)-S armor set, which is unfortunately unpopular and hard to find, I wanted to post some more armor sets I have made since the last post.
As always, these are more design-focused, not skill-focused. Though a couple try to utilize some of the more useless multi-skills.

Full Arteia. The Excavated version's difference is that the wheels on the joints and co. are now pearls. On top of that, the color change is very different, now being the main metallic part that changes. In other words, you gotta change the color for people to really tell. Actually kinda cool.
Skill-wise, it probably the best you can do with only empty slots.
Evasion+1 for defense,
that ability that lowers the rate of sharpness dropping,
Challenger+2 for offense
Weapon's cutting edge is the maxed out type, with 20 white.

Excavated Furufuru armor set. The excavated version is a nurse for the females, but I personally don't like the waist set that much. Though the biggest reason I used Greed for the waist is because it is impossible to find another excavated Furufuru armor part with Edgemaster(?)+3.
Greed looks great too, with the rest of the Furufuru parts.
Edgemaster+4 weapons, and the rest of the slots go to any skill you want to add.

Excavated Kusha Daora armor set.
I wanted to make this set just for fun, especially after seeing this video:
In other words, just like the current full Goa set and such, beginners and weak players that don't know how to play the game (even after a certain HR) wore Kusha, as well as adding Luck boosting skills, which are hated in general. The Tachi is also one of those weapons.
So I wanted to combine that. The multi-skill Greed + Full (excavated) Kusha + Tachi weapon.
I don't know when to use this...

Excavated Philia(?) armor set + KirinU head.
Kirin's excavated head design is so useful.
I made this armor set to use the multi-skill that comes from Status Ailment Protection, which gives immunity to KO, Poison, Sleep, Paralysis. Requires a weapon with +4 of the skill though.
The reason I use Spirit's Protection as a skill is because Status Ailment Protection only works if you get hit by an attack. So instead of adding evasion skills, it makes more sense to add Spirit's Protection, which lowers damage when you get hit.

 Excavated Ingot + DragonX. Ingot is the Torso and Leg. DragonX head and waist. Star Rook arm (this isn't excavated).
The Star Rook arm's metallic look blends in well with Ingot. I use it for the skill points and slots, so this isn't a full excavated armor set and is more skill-focused.
I used DragonX for the head and waist because the black colors surprisingly fit. And I actually planned to use Arteia head and Greed waist, but I tried this combination out and it was surprisingly nice.
For the Tigrex Rare Heavy Bowgun only.

Star Rook base.
Skill-wise, it has the same skills as the Full Arteia above, but more. I thought of this armor set when I wanted to make an armor set based off of Star Rook. But the waist piece is this... kind of puffy thing, so I decided to get myself a normal-design excavated (3 slot) Kizami waist, which is a blue mini-skirt and not puffy.
The head just kind of ended up being a Torsox2 armor set and I chose the one that fit the rest of the armor the most, which unfortunately is the one with the lowest defense and poorest elemental resistance.
Weapons used with this armor set are the same type as with Full Arteia.

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