Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (5/14/14)
No new games this week, but a special(?) event does occur.
It'll get a little long.

-PS4 drops to the 4 digit mark. Now why the sudden drop? I mean, it was steady these weeks. Sure, no new game came out this week. But this isn't the first week that it didn't have a game on the top 20, right?
Now, I'm not being suspicious or anything (...), but if I recall correctly...

Vita's drop to 4 digits:
8,931 <-- The day of Sony's meeting (stockholder? Can't remember what type)

There was a meeting today as well, which happens to be the day the PS4 drops to 4 digits. *shrug*
Maybe someone should ask David Manning.

 -Other than that, hardware-wise, no surprises. 3DS stable above 30,000. Vita drops below 20,000.

-No new software on the top 20, though very blue, with 17/20 being Nintendo consoles (though lots of 4 digit sales).
Youkai Watch incredibly strong! And Kirby, Mario Party... What started as lackluster results continue to stack up.

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