Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (4/30/14)

(Yeah, I know I said I would try to write an article last week...)
But it is true I have gotten a load off my shoulder now, so resting times, resting times~

So for this week, quite a few new games.
-Sword Art Online comes out on top and does a surprisingly good 140,000+. As far as these anime games goes, it did pretty well to go over 6 digits.

-The sequel to the Final Fantasy music game sold 80,000+. The first one was 68,901, BTW. I guess there was a growth here, though not too big. Never that interested in music games myself

-Famicon Remix1+2 sells 11,000+. The first one was pure DL version only, so I don't think there was a number for how much it sold. I believe 1+2 has a DL version too, so it is hard to measure, especially when the 1st game was DL.

-Not that good of a showing for Blazblue, though these type of fighter games are mostly bought on the console releases anyways. At least, that is what I would do.
I like Guilty Gear more though, random story.

-And then several new games at the bottom. A couple of anime games, Maple Story (dang nostalgic), and Monster Hunter Frontier.

-The recoil that brought all systems down seemed to have faded a bit, as the 3DS rises back to 30,000+

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