Thursday, April 3, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (4/2/14)

It's Spring Break in Japan, BTW.

-And as you can see, the hardware all generally see a boost from Spring Break.
3DS also gets a boost from a Rajang Gold (Monster Hunter) version released.
Yes, the PS4 went down, but don't forget that the PS console sales always ignore reality. Whether an earthquake or tsunami comes, whether it is a holiday or break, it doesn't seem to get affected much.

-Miku Project Dive 2nd comes out on PSV and PS3. Total is around 160,000.
1st was totaled (PSV and PS3) around 270,000
Hmm... Well, I've never been a fan of Miku, so I don't know how different each game is or whether its fans are loyal enough to buy every single version.

-Similarly, New LovePlus+... First week is 31,750
New LovePlus was 110,394
For the original game, the results between LovePlus to LovePlus+ was the opposite.
Well, for people that know what happened around New LovePlus, this drop isn't a surprise.
Sucks for Konami, but Just Deserts

-Atreia (or whatever it is called) Plus is an updated version of the original Ayesha's Atreia.
The original was 75,874, this was 12253... This too, just like the above games...

And that's about all of the noticeable new games. Steady 2nd week for Mario Party and Youkai Watch still strong.

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