Thursday, April 24, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (4/23/14)

You might be wondering why I haven't made posts recently, but the reason is... (on top of being busy) There just isn't much to talk about. I might make a post on the new MH4G PV later though, but just like the weekly sales, a lot of low altitude going on. No new games for me to play, so I'm just doing MH4 as usual.
Some main focus on Youkai Watch's sales, BTW

-Of course, main focus has to be on Youkai Watch, which is on the top of the list! Despite new games like FINAL FANTASY (which probably isn't that popular anymore anyways).
It is at 3/4 a million in sales, but the official website has already announced a total shipment of a million.

Another interesting link is Famitsu's graph of Youkai Watch's sales.
We can see that the anime has brought a great boost to it.

-There are quite a number of new games this week, but most are not comparable.
Girls Mode is an.......... updated version?
Conan just is an anime game
Some shoujo game?
A collection of the Ace Attorney series

-And then there is Final Fantasy... 14 now? I believe it is an online game like Dragon Quest 10.
Ignoring the sales for Wii, the WiiU version of DQ10 was over 36,000
Hmm................. I'm going to say this result is tragic. Doesn't look like it helped PS4 much either.

-That said, all hardware down and down. That time of the season when even Sony's consoles can't use their magic and mysteriously stay in one zone no matter what?

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