Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smash Bros For WiiU/3DS Online Data

Haven't really updated in a while, so just a little random update with my current online data.
I mostly do For Glory 1 vs 1, while I occasionally do For Fun Free-for-All.

 So my generally characters are ROB, Little Mac, Ganondorf, and Mr. Game and Watch.
 At first, I didn't think too much about Little Mac, other than braindead players that just randomly slammed moves, but after watching some battle videos, I was inspired to use him and found him surprisingly deep. Also, it is fun seeing people trying to throw him off the edge and only throw.

ROB is just easy to use, with strong projectiles and a fairly heavy weight. Because of his ability to play range and close-up, he has the highest winning percentage for me. He also works wonders on braindead ranged-attack spammers.

Ganondorf has always been fun to play, though I have recently tried to be more flexible with him, using his Air-Up move and ground Down-B.

Game and Watch is just funny to play with. Also, 9 Judge FTW.

I'm not that good with them, but I also use Lucina and Palutena.
Donkey's Meteors and Jigglypuff's unique battle style are also interesting, so I occasionally use them.

First Place Wins

Percentage of Use

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