Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon: Main Story Completed

Yeah, I know it took me a while, but I was playing a lot of Monster Hunter and Smash Bros.

My final party was:

I originally had a Curse Maker instead of a Gunner, but because she lacked attack power, I left her on the fortresses and switched to a Gunner, which can shoot all three elements, three binds, and the very powerful Paralysis.

So overall, if you don't like Mystery Dungeon/Rogue games, don't bother. It might use Etrian Odyssey characters, but that's pretty much it. I guess looking at the new artworks and seeing the old classes get a Novice-Veteran tree is nice though.

Anyways, as far as balance goes, I didn't really have a problem. I sometimes hear that Gunner takes the place of Runemaster, but Gunners have way too little TP.
The bosses generally seemed to be too resistant to various elements, which gives little space for optimization...
Except the last boss, which died after my Runemaster spammed a whole-room damaging Ice skill... Man, it was so unbelievable, I thought the boss changed forms due to the turns that passed... And then she suddenly died.

That said, you practically go through only half of the dungeons in the main story. From onwards, the dungeons get longer, with the enemies becoming stronger quicker and harsher traps. Thankfully, up to a point, you can build fortresses so you don't have to go through 40 floors at once, for example. Not that I think I could.

No problems with graphics and music is great as ever (mainly remixes though).

The only "big" problem is the AI. It can't be helped to an extent, but for instance...
-Paladin will pretty much always Taunt if an enemy is in the room. Even if the monster can't reach you. And once it reaches you, Taunt wears off and Paladin uses Taunt again. There goes your TP.
-Runemaster will use her attack spells when she can. Because of her long range, she ends up using TP fast. She doesn't "waste" TP as her attacks do quite the damage, but...
-Medic generally only heals if you recieve enough damage
-Curse Maker will sometimes spam curses even if there is no point. Like Terror + Sleep, and telling sleeping enemies to hurt themselves (which doesn't work).

Yes, you can turn on/off the skills you want the AI to use/not use, but turning off all skills is inefficient, gotta turn it off/on manually, and all just a bother.
Oh, and AI will always fight. No running...

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