Saturday, May 16, 2015

MH4G: Finally! Finally!

This is what happens when you do Guild Quests too much...

Image below:

Yup, finally reached 9999 Rajangs hunted...
MH4: 2553 Hours +
MH4G: 1322 Hours
Of course, I did other stuff like getting the titles for defeating monsters a certain amount of time and all of that stuff, so it is not like I spent all of these hours on Rajang. Also, some of these numbers include normal hunts, as well of course.

As for other Guild Quest monsters...
Drome: 1353
Purple Hermitaur: 217
Gore Magara: 161
Shagaru Magara: 825
Seregios: 326
Zinogre: 1243
Zinogre Sub: 2042
Diablos: 176
Diablos Sub: 352
Brachydios: 204
Deviljho: 542
Tigrex: 1176
Tigrex Sub: 1055
Kut-Ku: 507
Kut-Ku Sub: 785
Yian Garuga: 121
Basarios: 291
Basarios Sub: 843
Kirin: 761
Kirin Sub: 220
Kusha Daora: 167
Teostra: 904
Chameleos: 41 (pretty much only 2 or 3 Guild Quest hunts though)

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