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Fire Emblem: Fates - Nohr Route (Hard Difficulty) complete! + short Review

Some story spoilers alert for my thoughts, but I'll go ahead and just say this...
In Short:
If you like the Fire Emblem system, buy it
If you want a good story, forget it

Anyways, images of the last boss as well as some of my characters, so there are some spoilers below.
The first part is review, with some story spoilers, and then after another warning and a gap, some images including the last boss.

So first, the review-ish stuff:
Really, don't look forward to the story. It isn't that good at all. Heck, depending on the person, you might get annoyed. When the protagonist decides to change Nohr from the inside, you'd think she would be more active in... really doing anything.

But no, from start to finish, she just follows orders. Yes, there is a reason, but still... The same development of trying to end things peacefully and then failing because of the King and co. and then not doing anything about it literally continues until the end.

And you know, why is Gantz, who has the appearance and personality of Mr. Bandit number 1231, make it to the end? Maybe if he was more interesting of a character, then sure, but...

I sometimes hear about Aqua as waifu, but I hardly agreed then and I definitely don't agree now. As I said before, all she really did was pat the protagonist's back and give reassuring words. And in a way, you could consider her the protagonist in a way... Too secretive and a lack of any color also hinders the ability to take a liking to her.
Which doesn't really matter, because her HP doesn't grow and can't take a hit to save her life.


But... I will say, that the system itself is generally great.
The whole "No use limit" for all weapons is... both good and bad. I'm fine either way.
The "The stronger the weapon, the more demerits of using it" thing is... also okay. This allows weapons that are ignored late game to be used all the way to the end. But at the same time, I had no attention to the Silver weapons this game. Didn't buy one or use one at all.
The dual system is more improved now, which not only leads to more strategies, but also makes the game harder because the enemy AI will actively create Offensive dual strikes when attacking. Enemies that only move when you enter their range of attack will move to join in dual strikes even if they cannot attack from themselves.

The gimmicks and overall difficulty was quite hard. That said, I was doing the "hardest route" in Hard. So... it should be hard.
The whole "No Free Map" handicap really isn't that much of a handicap. Because with the story maps (28) + all Children maps + 3 extra Castle Defense maps, you really have enough to pretty much Lv20 most of your characters.
In this game, the children comes at a level corresponding to your level (not the parents, but in general level), and if you are already promoted and say, level 15, then the children will come with a special "Child Proof" that not only promotes them, but immediately boosts their level and stats to a corresponding level. So when I realized the number of units that could enter the map was more than the number of units I had raised, I went and unlocked the children and brought in a couple for the last few maps.


BGM fine as usual
No CG -> sucks
Touchy touchy thing -> Umm... I'm fine with it, though it definitely surprised me. Not enough variation, so if you want to continue this thing in the future, go borrow some knowledge from the LovePlus team or something...

One thing that was well-known about the previous game was the Nosferatu wall. While it has been weakened, it is still very useful.

Rather, To be honest, the strongest Class this game is probably the General though. Because they get a skill that prevents both sides attacking twice in a battle.
What does that mean?
Dual Strike system helps towards General's low movement.
And now Speed doesn't even matter.
That means the only thing that General still has as a weakness is the Mag. Def, but even then, since the enemy cannot attack twice and the General still has plenty of HP and Strength, you can usually survive two Magic hits and kill back with a Javelin. Very, very reliable wall
So anyways, some images of the last boss as well as the 5 units I decided to turn into Supporters (units stored in the 3DS itself, which can be hired later in any save file)

His unique weapon gives him +5 Def. Along with his already high defense, he made an excellent wall.

Similarly to Marcus, another physical wall. To be honest, they aren't exactly interesting units, but when I thought about which units did the most for me, these two came to mind after my main three choices.

As I said, Generals are very strong in this game. Incredibly reliable wall from start to finish.

 Speed and Strength is good, but the somewhat lack of defense prevents me from being able to abuse her much. However, she can get practically any skill in the game if you try, making her a potent threat. I didn't really want to abuse the system too much, so I only added a little bit.

My waifu and the only really cute girl in the game. In truth, she has lackluster growth, greatly excelling in Magic and Speed... and not really anything else. But with LOVE, I was able to end up with this angel. Max stats!
And she answered my love by being the most reliable unit in my party. Would have had a hard time against the end-game bosses without her.

About to attack the last boss

Able to attack twice with 100% accuracy

I thought it would be proper to end the game with the protagonist's attack

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