Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stella Glow: Did you know? (Titles of BGM)

It was recently found out by coincidence, but if you go to Jasrac's website
and type in ステラグロウ (the Japanese title) into the product name box, it will bring out the registered BGM for the game that Jasrac owns(?)
Since there is no soundtrack or in-game music room, this was actually the first time people found out the official names for the titles of the BGM.

That said, there is nothing that indicates what the BGM is for, as the only information is the title. Though some can be guessed. Here they are:\

PS: Sometimes the font goes weird because I copied the text and Blogger did stuff with that font
PPS: I might organize this in a better documented manner tomorrow or so

UPDATE: Added documented version of BGM titles. Please click to enlarge

  • TUNE
  • 月面世界 (Getsumen Sekai)/Lunar World
  • 世界の真実 (Sekai no Shinjitsu)/The Truth of the World
  • 絶望の淵で (Zetsubou no Fuchi de)/In the Abyss of Despair
  • 魔女の調律 (Majou no Chouritsu)/Witch Tuning
  • 王都ランベルト (Outou RANBERUTO)/Royal Capital of Lambert
  • 夕暮れに染まる世界 (Yugure ni Somaru Sekai)/World Covered in Sunset
  • いざ、進撃の時! (Iza, Shingeki no Toki)/Onwards, Time to Attack!
  • 風駆け抜ける丘 (Kaze Kakenukeru Oka)/Hill Where the Wind Blows Through
  • 光焔万丈 (Kouen Banjou)/This means around the lines of "flames that burn forever"
  • 熱砂の死闘 (Nessa no Shitou)/Battle to the Death in the Hot Desert
  • 廃都ファーレンハイト (Haito FAARENHAITO)/Ruined City of Fahrenheit
  • 真実を求めて (Shinjitsu wo Motomete)/Seaking the Truth
  • 月を統べる堕王 (Tsuki wo Suberu Daou)/Fallen King who Rules the Moon
  • 全ての滅びを司る者 (Subete no Horobi wo Tsukasadoru Mono)/One who Rules Over All Destruction
  • そよ風と共に (Soyokaze to Tomo ni)/Along with the Breeze
  • 陽だまりの中で (Hidamari no Naka de)/In the Sunlight
  • ドタバタばたどた (Dotabata batadota)/Sound effect for mess and disorder, in a fun way
  • 影の陰謀 (Kage no Inbou)/The Hidden Conspiracy
  • 危機到来 (Kiki Tourai)/Arrival of Danger
  • 哀しみ (Kanashimi)/Sadness
  • 拓かれたミライ (Hirakareta Mirai)/Opened Future
  • 謁見の間 (Ekken no Ma)/Audience Room
  • 倭の国アマツ (Wa no Kuni Amatsu)/The Japanese Country, Amatsu
  • 砂漠の集落、カシミスタン (Sabaku no Shuuraku, KASHIMISUTAN)/Desert Settlement, Kashimistan
  • 穏やかな幸せ (Odayaka na Shiawase)/Peaceful Happiness
  • 光射す港町、ポート・ノワール (Hikari Sasu Minatomachi, POOTO NOWAARU)/Port City Where Light Shines, Port Noir
  • ウキウキ日和 (Ukiuki Biyori)/Energetic Day
  • トホホ… (Tohoho...)/Boohoohoo...
  • 天使降臨 (Tenshin Kourin)/Decent of Angels
  • 祝祭の間の決戦 (Shukusai no Ma no Kessen)/Decisive Battle at the Ceremonial Room

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