Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monster Hunter Cross: Various Changes of Monsters

One of those "I'm not dead" posts, since I haven't posted in a month. Just busy playing Monster Hunter and not really anything to say. Still waiting for info on Etrian Odyssey 5.
Anyways, I just wanted to write down some changes I've seen for monsters, be it from 4G -> Cross, Low Rank to High Rank, Ferocious.
Feriocious' speed change and changes only in the animation are not included.

Akantor (4G -> Cross):
His tail, when he waggles it (not the slap), seems to now hit twice, as it goes to one direction and then back? I actually don't recall getting hit by it in 4G...

Savage Deviljho (4G -> Cross):
Any moves that involves his mouth now contain the Dragon element when he is angry

Rajang (4G -> Cross):
When you are hit by his hardened fists, you no longer fly in a straight angle but are popped up. Why?

Seregios (4G -> Cross):
Changes with his body's hardness. Legs became slightly harder, but his head and neck are slightly softer

Kirin (4G -> Cross):
When he lifts his legs to slam electric energy on the ground, touching his legs pop you up?

Chameleos (4G -> Cross):
No longer shoots poisonous gas out of his mouth. Thus he loses any method of killing hunters. No counter, no big move. Why?

Blangonga (Low -> High Rank):
He uses his Lariat twice in a row sometimes

Bulldrome (Low -> High Rank):
Sometimes uses a long, extended tackle where he charges in circles, hitting multiple times if possible

Great Maccau (Low -> High Rank):
Uses his charge move twice in a row sometimes

Shogun Ceanataur (Low -> High Rank):
A lot faster when he is angry

Khezu, Lagia, Zinogre (Ferocious):
When the black fog covers certain parts of their body, their lightning spheres become huge in size

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