Sunday, June 5, 2016

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-05 Beginning Select

For those that don't know, there was an anime called Selector () WIXOSS that aired for two seasons a while back. It was pretty fun to watch, though some settings weren't so solid. I also read the manga (Peeping Analyze), and it was great read. So I heard that they were making a 3rd season! Which excited me, so I thought about starting to collect WIXOSS cards. It's been so many years since I collected cards, when I gave up Yugioh around the time GX started.

The only unfortunate thing is that the game is Japanese-only (and some other countries) and not localized for America, so I have no one to play with. I'm like Mayu, just playing against myself in my room. HA HA HA ha... hah...

But anyways, here are my results from the box (20 boosters) I bought for Beginning Select.
Oh, and I hear you usually get one LR (Lrig Rare) rarity card per box, but I got NONE.

Overall, not exactly a good box, though I did get the Code Ancients Necronomico I wanted.
That said, it turns out Umr can't use her...
And... I hope I actually get a LR-rarity card next time like one normally should.
From the way it looks, I think I got every card other than the SR, SC, LR categories. In other words, all of the commons and normal rares.

*Card Names are translated by me, loosely
*Rarity (C = Common, LC = Lrig Common, R = Rare, LR = (Lrig Rare), SC = Secret, ???? = ????)
*P before the number (like P1) refers to Parallels (P1 = 1 copy of parallel version of the card)
Split by rarity, followed by amount of copies, then the name:




1,        Mythical Beast Lion
1,        Refined Stroke Suiboku
1,        Code Ancients Necronomico
1,        Ragen U

1,        Delayed Bloom Aphrodite 
P1 + 1, Great Spear Gae Bulg
1,        Get Grimoire 
3,        Mystic Dragon Godra
1,        Ballista Avenger   
1,        Raseki Peridot 
1,        Treasure Fragment
1,        Ragen Rn  
1,        Gensui Jinbei    
1,        Code Art S・P・K
3,        SPIRAL
1,        Limited Expression Dot    
1,        Rashoku Sakura
2,        Mysteric Beast Rhino   
2,        Reinforcements
1,        Fear Vile    
2,        Code Anti Mars Face 
1,        Final Destruction

3,        Last Select   
3,        Yuzuki Five   
2,        Isshoku Sokubatsu
1,        Eldora Mark V
2,        Milulun Tico
1,        Fortune Five
1,        Violated Judgement Anne 5th
2,        Jyuunin Toiro
2,        Hate Impress
P1,      End Hole
3,        Lucky Card
2,        Code Maze Sagfami
3,        Greatsword Levateinn
4,        Code Maze Metron   
2,        Middle Spear Brunack     
2,        Code Maze Michele     
2,        Small Sword Engetsu    
2,        Get Almandal  
3,        Mystic Dragon Eingana   
4,        Mystic Dragon Lindwurm   
2,        Mystic Dragon Kanya
2,        Mystic Dragon Komodo
2,        Mystic Dragon Cueleb
2,        Mystic Dragon Tokage
3,        Prolonging Decision
4 + P1 Ragen Mn
3,        Ragen Th
2,        Ragen Ti 
2,        Ragen Ac
2,        Ragen S
3,        Ragen Cr
4,        RAINY
3,        Traditional Approximate Makie
2 + P1 Opposition of Methodology Kora
2,        Clear Dinner Pop 
2,        Tolerant Light and Shade Ameko  
3,        Uniformed Conditions Origami 
3,        Approval of Graffiti Crayon
3,        Roar
2,        Dry Spore
2,        Code Anti Arahabaki
3 + P1, Captivating Sorcery Loki
3,        Zwei Cobra
2,        Single Eye of Corruption Ahriman
3,        Ain Gas
2,        Sloth of Missions Hecate
2,        Revive Flare

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