Friday, June 10, 2016

WIXOSS: Piruluk Collage

Just a collage of most of Piruluk's appearances in the Peeping Analyze manga for WIXOSS. The reason for most is because I skipped some scenes where her expression wasn't particularly noticeable. In other words, a collection of her facial expressions.
Despite being an "emotionless" character in the anime (and disappearing fairly quickly, never to reappear again until the epilogue), she shows quite a lot of emotions in the manga (and plenty of facial distortions).
BTW, it's a good manga, so read it.
Also, manga-ka is Suzuki Manatsu.

To get a proper view, you will need to directly view the image.
Also, I kept the size of the inner images without any shrinking, so the full image is considerably large.

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