Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Yugioh: Saikyou Card Battle - First Impressions

My first thoughts on the newest Yugioh game, Yugioh: Saikyou Battle.
In summary, my impression is "You might as well..."

Frankly, it sucks. I wish they actually made a proper game, but I guess it doesn't make enough profit, so they made this half-baked... thing.
For one thing, you can't really play Yugioh in this game. As you can see in this image...

You only have THREE monster and magic/trap zones. On top of that, you don't have a Main Phase 2.
The AI thinking time hasn't improved from the previous games.
The UI itself isn't too good either, as to fluidly move from phase to phase, the touch screen is the best option. I have no problems with using the touch screen, but my hands are usually on the buttons while playing this game. But I have to reach over and touch certain buttons to set a trap or summon a monster. Why couldn't it just bring up a menu with the B button like previous games?
Also, as you can see in the image above, your deck does not necessarily have 40 cards.
Also, 4000 LP.

That said, this is a FREE game. So it doesn't hurt to play and try it and maybe play some more when you are free. Yes, you have to spend real money on buying certain packs, but you can also play through the game and unlock packs without using real money (though it takes more effort).
Also, the 3D models aren't too bad.

Also, although only parts and parts are done so, the characters do have voices, including the Tour Guide From the Underworld (for fans of her). The game-original characters aren't particularly bad either, including a somewhat crazy loli.
Also, it has fairly recent cards, it seems. Of course, it doesn't have the most most recent, but I think the card pool is newer than I'd expect.

So all in all, this would have been hideous if they actually charged for the game. Thankfully, it is free, so it might be worth the download if you have extra space and time.

Oh, and it seems that if you clear the game, you can get a code to trade for a REAL Yugioh card in stores... in Japan.

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