Saturday, July 23, 2016

Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 1

Just some thoughts or impressions from some rounds of playing Online.

-Normal Room
Me: Mycoron
Opponent 1: Fay
Opponent 2: Fire/Earth Support
Opponent 3: Water:
Man, that was one heck of a match. I was using a Mycoron Book, but to my despair, I wasn't able to get 1 in my hand for like, 10 rounds. I have plenty of cards to pull it from my deck or at least draw, but no luck.
Anyways, I was able to somehow come back and end up 1st. I admit that my opponent were not all that experienced and made plenty of mistakes, though hey, if I wasn't so unlucky that one of my opponent's stopped on a Magic Circle which just happened to offer a Water Creature -30 HP Spell, I would not have been in that circumstance in the first place. So yeah, I used Outrage and stole a Level 4 Territory and changed it to Water. Just as I was about to Goal, my opponent destroyed that Level 4 Mycoron thanks to the Magic Circle and moved his creature onto that territory. Then, another 1 of my opponent got the chance to step and defeat THAT monster, taking the territory. On my turn, I step onto the Magic Circle and use Ray of Law to blow Warlock's Circle from that opponent's hand. Next turn, he levels it up to 5, preparing to Goal. I needed to step on a Fortress in order to un-Down the Mycoron beside that territory. And I rolled the right number, landing on the Fortress. So I used Angry Mask against his Yeti, finally taking back the territory, allowing me to Goal the next turn.
If the Fay Book user used Relief and swapped his creature beside that territory with his ST70 Fire Beak, he would have been able to take it, but he didn't.
Anyways, man, that was exciting. And to think I was unable to do anything for the 1st 10 turns. Never give up.

-Special (2 vs 2):
Me: Wind Curse (Samhain, Enchantress)
Partner: Water
Opponent 1: Fat Body + Quicksand
Opponent 2: Water + Wind Response
One of my opponents was actually my partner in a previous match.
I was worried for a while since my partner had a hard time drawing creatures, but we somehow were able to win. There was a lot of fair territory stepping. My side pays Level 3 territory, other side also steps and pays a Level 3 territory. Level 4 territory for level 4 territory. Very thankfully, my opponent stepped on a Level 4 territory, allowing my team to Goal that round. If we didn't and if the opponent did not make a mistake, Shining Geyser would have killed one of our territories and Sulfuric Balloon would have killed another. That said, if my opponent suicided Balloon as soon as possible, that would have also made it difficult for us to win, but I guess they felt like they had more time.
Also, it was great being able to counter Quicksand on Level 4 with Samhain. Which is the entire goal of the deck. To kill with Samhain.

-Special (2 vs 2 CPU)
Me: Girls
Partner: Upon attacking opponent...
I was playing with my all-girls Book. My partner had a pretty interesting Book, filled with creatures that did something upon attacking another creature, such as Cockatrice and Nebiros. However, since it was filled with territory-requiring creatures, I had to start him off by placing my creature on a territory. Which if fine with me.
Anyways, not much to say. As I expected, an all-girls deck really lacks firepower. Chainsaw helped, but there is not much other than that. The CPU side almost won, but Zonks ended up on my Level 4, allowing us to turn it around and win instead.

Other thoughts:
It's quite fun using Lunatic Hare, but it really is hard to win. I was able to Turn Wall -> Hare a Level 5, but before I could switch him out for Halfling, my opponent ended up stepping on it and stealing it. But yeah, it's fine and fun killing with Lunatic Hare, but the problem is keeping him alive. Of course, Borgess helps, but no one is stupid enough to let him stay on the map...

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