Monday, August 1, 2016

Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 2

I'm currently trying to unlock the Princess avatar, but damn, it is far away. You can get the up to the Strategist avatar fairly naturally while unlocking other stuff, but the Princess avatar onwards is a long grind.

Anyways, some more battle impressions online:

-Rankings Room
Me: Random-ability creatures
Opponent 1: Water Kelpie
Opponent 2: Fire + Earth
Opponent 3: ? (Don't remember)

I wanted to use the "mash button" creatures (Angry Mob, Vigilante), so I made a Book maining them. As for the other monsters, because the "mash button" creatures have randomness in their stat increase, I decided to use Specter and Baldandars. However, because both Vigilante and Angry Mob requires a different element territory beforehand, I decided to make it easier to summon them by also adding Bright World. Finally, for items, I wanted items that did not increase HP or ST, as both affect and can overflow their stats. So stuff like Wonder Amulet and Tonfa.
I was kinda surprised that someone would dare to bring in Kelpie to a 4-free-for-all match, but he actually was able to summon it at one point and make it level 4 because no one else seemed to care. I was able to Shatter most of his defensive items, allowing Opponent 2 to take Kelpie out. I was able to do a tad bit of damage to Opponent 2 by planting a Blast Trap on Kelpie, but Opponent 2 still won. I ended up 2nd.
The biggest surprise to me was how hard it was to mash the ideal amount of times. Usually 18 to 21 is the safest and ideal range for number of mashes, but I could hardly reach that with the time I was given to mash. I was able to get 40-ish to 50-ish results, but not the 60-ish to 70-ish that I wanted. Sigh...

-Special Room (2 vs 2)
Me: Lunatic Hare + Cockatrice Earth
Ally: Enchantress Wind
Opponent 1: Kelpie + Old Willow
Opponent 2: Fat Body + Rag Doll Fire

Again, an opponent that dares to bring Kelpie or Old Willow into a match with humans. Not only that, but BOTH Kelpie and Old Willow. Yes, having an ally and 1 less opponent makes it easier, but at the same time, the enemy side can disrupt your plans knowing that no third party is gaining anything from the struggle. Also, Opponent 2 was fairly a beginner, making quite a number of mistakes, from casting Energy Field on an ST0 creature, using items when it won't help, and leveling up ally territory that cannot be protected.
I guess my side was fairly balanced, as my Book was mainly offensive, using Debility and Turn to the Wall along with Lunatic Hare and Cockatrice + Battering Ram, and my ally used Dominant Growth on Enchantress to curse all of his Creatures before leveling them up and increasing their MHP, finishing off with Vitality on Enchantress for a great defense. On the other hand, my ally didn't have much invasive abilities, with his biggest invasion from the Great Tusker he retrieved from me. I ended up losing 700G at one point from stepping onto a Greed Level 3 territory and not having the right combinations to take it down, but I was able to at least force the use of the Opponent 2's Rag Doll.
My biggest mistake was when I used Blaze Splash and mistook my ally's Bird Maiden with my Opponent's, killing my team's Bird Maiden...
Anyways, we were able to reach the goal 10000G first and won. I was near the now Level 5 Greed territory, but if I did land on it on the last turn, I would have been able to take it out 100%, so there was no problem there (ST0 Valkyrie with only cards in hand that would make her ST 10 or 20, which is not enough to take out Lunatic Hare or Cockatrice)..

-Special Room (2 vs 2)
Me: Wild Sense Support Earth + Fire
Ally: "Support"/"Troll"
Opponent 1: General Guan Fire
Opponent 2: Fire + Earth

I was in pretty great despair when I realized (fairly quickly) that my ally was using a completely "I'm gonna let my ally do the Creature-related tasks while my Book will focus on slowing down and messing with my opponents" Book.
For one thing, this will almost never work, because your ally is forced to fend off the attacks of 2 players. On top of that, the "support" Book cannot keep territories for too long, meaning you lose that many territories and territory bonuses to your opponents.
With the loss of Bookworm and a weakened Witch, I thought it wasn't possible to make these Books anymore, but well, the world is wide. And yes, my ally did have Cloud Gizmo.
That said, THANKFULLY, I was using a Book that is very potent, defensively and offensively, allowing me to fend off both opponents fairly well. Support, while weakened, proves to as ever be a powerful ability. Marmo + Burn Titan and Tyrannosaurus allows her to reach ST110/HP90, a powerful force to be reckoned with. Living Armor can add HP to any creature and cannot be Shattered. Heck, because I have over 30 creatures in my Book, all of the Shatters my opponent pulled near the end had no effect on me, since my entire hand were Creatures. And while weakened (and kinda not as cute), Grimalkin proves to be an excellent defender of important territories, fending off Screamer's deadly curse.
Also, while not the ideal ally, my Ally was also able to remove several dangerous cards like Turn to the Wall and I was able to use his Cloud Gizmo to get rid of stuff like Black Knight and Chainsaw.
I guess my finest play in this game was when I casted Liquid Form (from the Magic Circle) on my opponent's King Baran. I guess no one realized my intention, including my ally, and thought that I just casted Liquid Form because I had nothing else to really use it on... But luckily, my opponent actually leveled up that territory, despite my ally holding Exile. I had to use icons to make him use Exile, which he seemed to not have realized. But thankfully, with a little help from me, we were barely able to outrun my opponents to the 10000G.

Other thoughts:
Yeah, King Baran is so strong, you might forget he is vulnerable to Exile...
Mormo is cute. Strong too. Easy to use.
I found it kinda funny when my opponent hovered over Angry Mob and Vigilante to look at its ability. Yeah, no one uses them, so there are people that don't remember what they do.

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