Thursday, August 11, 2016

Culdcept Revolt: Battle Diary 3

AhhhH! Princess avatar is so cute! Her positive motion, especially (brushes her dress and laughs out loud)

More impressions... One from the previous set of maps, and the other two from the current set of maps

-Special Room (2 vs 2)
Me: Wild Sense Support Earth + Fire
Ally: Strong monsters + support(?)
Opponent 1: Enchantress Wind
Opponent 2: Legendary Pharos Neutral(?)

I'm not too sure what my Ally's book was. I saw both Tiamat and Typhon, as well as Great Tusker. Sleipnir was in it too as well as Screamer. He also had Temptation and Burning Heart. I guess his Book could be considered an all-rounder, but it is very likely that his Book depended on his partner to provide a winning plan, since I can't see his Book doing much on the leveling up and defending a territory. Of course, putting aside that, he definitely did his part of the match, including using Temptation on my opponent's Armor Dragon to burn Shadow Geist as well as Screamer erasing Metal Form that was spread by Enchantress. As with last time, my Book is potent on both defense and offense, so there was not much problem here. Mormo's firepower was more than enough to pierce through the opponents' territories, especially since they had a lack of armor.
I also was not sure what Opponent 2's Book was. I think it was mainly Neutral, using Shadow Geist + Boomerang along with Borgess to create a nasty situation for the opponent. I also saw Legendary Pharos, though it was drawn too late to do anything. Also, simply draining the original ST is not efficient against Support creatures, so I did not have much problem with that. Thanks to my partner's Screamer, we were able to get rid of Metal Form (which my Book has no way of piercing through) and force Opponent 1 to use Magic Shelter on Enchantress.
I created a Breed Card for this Book and added it before this match, but I never ended up using it. So I used Squeeze on myself and squished it up for fun right before goal-ing. BTW, it's stats are 80/80, being the highest stats I can use for Support. On an MHP30 creature on Level 5, HP+80 gives it 160HP, just passing the important 150 damage line. I also gave it Land Protection and Negate[Earth], to give it immunity to Cockatrice + Battering Ram (which my Book has no immunity against) and make my Book stronger against similar Books.

-Special Room (3 Players, All Random Book)
Opponent 1
Opponent 2
In the end, I ended up focusing on the Water territories. Opponent 1 focused on Fire. Opponent 2 focused on Earth.
When it comes to Random Books, you require more luck than ever. I had a pretty good draw, with Triton, Megalodon, and Tentacles. I was also able to get Dragon Orb, Necroscarab, and Reactive Armor early on, which clearly provides a powerful defense. On the other hand, I didn't have many offensive weapons, I think probably only Long Sword. Also, my opponents landed on my Level 4 twice.
Though the reason I was even able to get that far was because my opponents were not that good. For instance, Opponent 2 had plenty of defensive cards in his hand, but he almost never used them against me. When I attacked his Sludge Titan thinking that since he couldn't use armor or items, I would definitely win, it turned out I forgot about Living Helmet... Which he didn't use. So I was able to clear out and take the Water territories on the top. Opponent 1 had a Sludge Titan too, that he placed next to one of my territory, but he never even bluff invaded.
In the latter half of the match, I drew Sigil of Float and was able to place it on Treasure Raider, giving me the ability to move 5 spaces every turn, allowing me to avoid any scary territories.
All of that said, our Books weren't that different, luck-wise. Opponent 1 got Scrolls and Stormcauser. Opponent 2 had Odradek, Gigantarium, and the Boomerang. They both got Sludge Titan and Scolopendra -> Deep Sea Dragon. On the useless side, I got Goblins' Layer, and Powder Eater and Shocker appeared in the opposing Books.

-Ranking (3 Players)
Me: Earth, running
Opponent 1: Mainly Earth, running
Opponent 2: Old Willow
I was using a Book that focused on earning Gain and leveling up territory, without much aggression and mainly focused on increasing my personal assets. For my creatures, I used Dryad as a way to quickly take over the North Earth territories. I also chose to use Odradek in case there was someone with map damage spells. I also added Bird Maiden for taking territory, and Land Urchin, just in case. I also added Mass Phantasm to protect my creatures and Exile as one of the few ways my Book can stop my opponents.
Opponent 1 had a similar Book, though he also added cards such as Gooba Queen and Holy Llama.
Opponent 2 was using a Fire Book with Old Willow.
The map itself is pretty big, Also, it was a 3-person match. Big map with few people mean there is less battling, giving much more opportunities to implement defensive strategies. Of course, defensive Books are not necessarily my taste, but sometimes, it is a good, fresh breath of air.
So everything pretty much went as planned. Before I was able to completely take over the North Earth territories, Opponent 1 took a territory with his creature. So I had to attack it multiple times to get rid of it. He defended it at first, but of course, it wasn't worth it once he only had one defensive item left, so I was able to take it. Once I completed that, I used Long Line to gain 500G and make a Level 5. Opponent 1 made the big mistake of leveling his Dryad to Level 5, as I was able to Exile it and send MY Dryad to the open territory, reaching the goal 7000G. I guess Opponent 1 was pushed to use his Gain somewhere, as almost none of his territory were immune to Exile and he had almost 2000G in hand.
Also, one thing that helped me was Opponent 2 was a beginner and didn't do too many optimum moves., such as not attacking when possible to put pressure on the other two players. He also wasn't able to place Old Willow in a strategic place. I was able to draw Squeeze before he placed it on the map and perhaps because he feared it would be destroyed, he quickly switched it into a territory in a completely avoidable place, as that was his only high-level territory.

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