Tuesday, August 9, 2016

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-14 Succeed Selector

Finally caught up to the recent pack! The first booster pack set I bought  as it came out!
And for that, I bought two boxes.

And the results...

The Parallels weren't too bad. I couldn't really tell much different between the normal version and Parallel version for Iona. Code Art's artwork is great, so I'm happy about that Parallel. Michael isn't too bad either, especially that OPPAI!

And for the SR/LR or rarer cards...

I got just what I wanted!! Mayu (or what looks like her) and Piruluk APEX!
The 1st box got me an Arts and the Secret version of Akatsuki, which was fairly meh, but better than nothing or something like Asure. Then I went into the 2nd box. Mayu came out and I was already satisfied enough. So I let my guard down...
Then the Secret version of Piruluk appeared! I was so freaking excited! The two cards I really wanted came out, with one a Secret version in the same box.

As for the SRs, I am pretty satisfied too. I wanted at least 2 Holy Mouse in case I wanted to make an Anne deck. I also got 1 copy of the Level 5 Flathro I wanted. The two SR Signi I missed have kinda meh illustrations compared to the other ones, so if I had to choose, I would have given those up for these.
Anyways, great results!

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