Sunday, October 16, 2016

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-15 Incited Selector

For some reason, 1 box just doesn't seem enough, so 2 boxes! And preferably, two boxes each time. Also, I bought a Starter (Mel's), so I also got to open a Pinch Art pack.

So yeah, the results weren't too bad or too good. I mean, there is no way I could have gotten something better than last time (Easy to Dance, Secret Piruluk Apex, The Weaver).
In the SR category,
Steak x 2
Oigona x 2
Nobel x 1
Odagame x 1
Nurari x 1
Ril's Spell x 1
I also wanted Nihonningyo for her artwork, but sadly...

For LR,
Ril's Art
To be honest, every LR was attractive, so...

For the Secrets,
Honey Trap
Starter Ril
I hoped to not get a Signi Secret, but at the least, it was a Signi that I didn't get a SR copy of.

Overall, Steak should be a good addition to Mel's deck. I got Ril's Art instead of Mel's, but I guess it could still work out? Since the Starter only has 8 cards in the Lrig deck, you can add two more. Easy to Dance, some kind of Destruct Art that uses Exceeds? That would make 10. Of course, it probably would be more ideal to remove a Starter's Art and add WX15's Mel's Art, but it costs a lot...

For the Pinch Pack, I got Ancient Gate. I definitely would have preferred Pinch Defense, since I already have Umr's version, but I guess I prefer Ancient Gate over the Red or Blue one...

For Parallel's, the result was also so-so.
Nohime is cute, but I didn't need a 2nd copy. One-Click almost looks like a SR... Two Arts with Nanashi on them were Parallel, which is cool.
For the reprints, I really wanted Code Anti, but I didn't get it. And I got a 2nd copy of two cards. On the other hand, I did get Three Swords, Three Out, and Ain Dagger. So-so here too.

So yeah, so-so result. Some parts were what I wanted while others could have been better.
In other words, nothing out of the ordinary.

...But I forgot to buy protectors, so I have nothing to put Mel's Starter Deck cards in for now...

Oh, and I got 2 Chii-chan coins. I had a feeling that would happen when the first one turned out to be Chii-chan.

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